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Comodo Ascendant as Symantec sells its Certificate Business

Symantec announced it is selling its website certification business to Digicert. Symantec customers and partners now may face potential uncertainty with the types of products,…

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Comodo Gains More than Half of SSL Market Share for First Time Ever

Read the infographic to find out why Comodo gained more than half of the SSL market in the history of the Netcraft Secure Server Survey.


Lack of Basic HTTPS Leads to Major Data Breach at Clash of Kings Forum

Clash of Kings is a very popular mobile game with millions of avid players being members of its official forum. This forum has got hacked…


Comodo is the Global SSL Digital Certificate Leader – Now Marking Five Consecutive Quarters

Comodo has once again topped the charts – this time for the fifth consecutive quarter – as the global leader in digital certificates. With the…

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Comodo Continues its Dominance in SSL Marketshare, Corroborated by the Latest Data from

It has been well established by that for the past 14 months, Comodo has been the global leader in SSL certificate marketshare – surpassing…

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Comodo’s Market Leadership as the Number One Global Digital Certificate Authority Continues

Since Symantec was dethroned by Comodo in February 2015, Comodo has continued to further expand its market share leadership, according to new data from,.…

SHA-1 Description

SHA-1 deprecation – Microsoft and Mozilla propose new, earlier dates of June/July 2016 for SSL/TLS

In light of recent research which contends that the SHA-1 hashing algorithm could be more vulnerable to attack than was previously thought, both Microsoft and…


Comodo Expands Market Share as Global Digital Certificate Authority

Comodo is happy to announce that, for the sixth consecutive month, our market share has grown as we’ve expanded even further our number one ranking…


OpenSSL Security Advisory

OpenSSL has recently disclosed a high severity vulnerability that may require you to upgrade your version of OpenSSL. Comodo anticipates this flaw will only affect…

Trust Seals: E-Commerce Runs on Trust

Many e-Commerce sites display “Trust Seals”, aka Trust Mark Logos, provided by third parties who have conducted an independent audit of the site or its…