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Since Symantec was dethroned by Comodo in February 2015, Comodo has continued to further expand its market share leadership, according to new data from,. This significant market share move was even predicted by in the February data when it stated “Comodo’s market share is likely to grow further, as it is particularly popular among new sites.”

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According to’s December data, Comodo has an SSL certificate authority market share of 40.7% (as of Jan 1). For 11 consecutive months, Comodo has maintained its number one market share ranking since taking it from Symantec.


MARKET SHAREas of Mar 1as of Apr 1as of May 1as of Jun 1as of July 1as of Aug 1as of Sept 1as of Oct 1as of Nov 1as of Dec 1as of Jan 1
Symantec Group33.1%32.6%32.2%31.6%31.2%30.8%30.6%30.2%29.9%29.4%28.5%
Go Daddy Group13.8%14.1%14.0%13.9%13.8%13.6%13.4%13.3%13.2%13.0%12.7%


The market share data Usage of SSL Certificate Authorities for Websites focuses on global web technology usage, and monitors certificate authorities of the top 10 million websites to calculate market share.

SSL certificates, which authenticate the identity of a website and encrypt information that is sent back and forth over the server, are managed and issued by Certificate Authorities, where Comodo maintains its number one status.

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