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Comodo is happy to announce that, for the sixth consecutive month, our market share has grown as we’ve expanded even further our number one ranking in the SSL market.

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According to CEO Melih Abdulhayoğlu,

“Comodo has earned each point of market share one by one. One user at a time, and one business at a time. Each established by trust. Trust in our innovative products, trust in our customer support, trust in our mission to create security online. Each individual, each business…they chose Comodo. Trust doesn’t only grow linearly, it fosters a network which expands exponentially into an ecosystem, leading up to a global force of 85 million installations of our security products. It’s hard to grasp sometimes. Because it begins with a vision, something intangible. But you can breathe life into that vision with diligent work, and with the user in mind, their security, the work becomes a mission, one that people believe in with you. They share your values. And they march alongside you. We’re grateful for their choice, their trust in us, and we won’t forget it.

According to, an independent IT market research firm, we’ve now captured 36.6% of the SSL certificate authority market, further expanding our number one position and furthering our lead over the second place competitor, which now drops to an all-time low of 30.8%. published data earlier this year showing how we’d surpassed the then-leader to become the number one digital certificate authority in the world, marking the first emergence in Internet history of a new, number one SSL certificate market share leader.

The market share data Usage of SSL Certificate Authorities for Websites focuses on global web technology usage and monitors certificate authorities of the top 10 million websites to calculate market share.