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It has been well established by that for the past 14 months, Comodo has been the global leader in SSL certificate marketshare – surpassing Symantec back in February 2015 and never looking back (see latest post here:

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And just like the analyst community has experts from Gartner, Forrester, IDC, Ovum, and other analyst firms watching the IT space – the SSL market is no different, monitored not only by, but by as well. crawls millions of the highest ranking websites to determine which web technologies are being used. And just as Google searches for content, keywords and links, searches for web technology signatures. The company then takes that data and makes it available both to the public as well as to customers for targeted research and analysis.

Using the universally recognized Alexa listing of key websites, the latest numbers from show that when it comes to SSL market share in the Alexa top 1m, Comodo is number one with 35.8% marketshare: (our nearest competitor is at 21%):

And when you start to go to larger, more heavily trafficked sites, Comodo remains the number one provider of SSL certificates and by an even larger margin:

For SSL market share in the Alexa top 100K, Comodo is number one with 41.2% marketshare (the nearest competitor is at 16%):

And for SSL market share in the Alexa top 10K, Comodo is again number one with 37.2% (the nearest competitor is at 18.2%)

In the last category, SSL market share in the Alexa top 1k, Comodo is still number one with 24.9% (the nearest competitor is at 16.8%)

We spoke with Comodo’s Michael Fowler, a Senior Business Development Manager who sells digital certificates to customers across the globe, on the secret to Comodo’s success in digital certificates:

“The digital certificate business is an area that we at Comodo helped innovate and bring to life. Our CEO was a founding member of the C/AB forum and sets the tone for Comodo’s trusted, proven, security solutions. That advocacy funnels throughout the Comodo organization, and thus we’re seeing more and more customers actively choose Comodo for their digital certificates.”

Fowler continued:

“Additionally, Comodo not only provides digital certificates to companies both large and small, but we also provide the management tool for the entire lifecycle of those digital certificates – Comodo Certificate Manager.”

Although sometimes analysts don’t often agree with one another, it’s nice to see such perfect harmony between the data that and produce, when it comes to who’s number 1 in the SSL certificate business!

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