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Comodo Internet Security 4.0 is even more technologically advanced than ever before. 4.0 comes not only with Comodo’s award-winning Firewall, but also with our Defense+ HIPS and Advanced Antivirus components, that are further enhanced by our unique Sandbox and White List technologies. With Comodo Internet Security 4.0, the PC has never had stronger protection.

Other companies still use technology that must pinpoint threats before they can be added to their security softwares’ Black Lists. But Comodo’s new technology actually compares every file that tries to install itself and run on your computer to our continually updated White List of safe files. So if Comodo’s Internet Security 4.0 doesn’t find the file on our list of well over a million safe files, our new security software simply won’t allow the file to install. Making this innovative, patent-pending technology a real breakthrough!

Both Comodo’s Internet Security and End Point Security Manager products protect PCs from malware with minimal resource drain or user disruption. This breakthrough technology includes:

  • Auto Sandboxing, which tests any unknown file before allowing it to install
  • Patent-pending clean PC mode
  • Default Deny Protection
  • 1,200,000+ file White List
  • Threatcast social authentication, which minimizes annoying warnings often found in other software

Current Comodo Internet Security users have already been offered the opportunity to download and install Comodo Internet Security 4.0. For more information or to download 4.0, visit

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