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Today, organizations are constantly at risk from cyber-attacks. This is a major issue not only because of the traditional business risks, but because in today’s increasingly globalized world, effective intrusion by a cybercriminal might, among other things, bring the operations of a company to a standstill.

Therefore, while businesses need to match the security system with their needs, they also need to consider the business’s tolerance to risks and enforce security controls that strengthen their general security environment without needing excess spending.
A master MSSP can not only provide the level of support needed by a business, but it can also tailor the Cybersecurity strategy to the market and the unique needs and risks of the organization. The best part is that all this is provided at an affordable cost to the business.

One company that realizes this and is looking to help businesses and the MSP community optimize cybersecurity ROI while addressing their most pressing vulnerabilities and requirements is Cyfx Cybersecurity. The company is an MSSP focused on bringing enterprise-level security at a reasonable cost to the MSP community and small and medium-sized businesses.

The Challenge Cyfx Faced in Bringing Affordable, Enterprise-Level Security to the MSP Community
Based in Austin, TX, Cyfx secures inadequately prepared businesses and deprived them of the security controls only available to large organizations. The company provides solutions to the MSP community that cuts through the noise and focuses on the consequences by providing comprehensive security platforms and services at a cost that makes sense.

Instead of relying on the Endpoint Detect and Respond (EDR) strategy that requires scarce IT/Sec-Ops resources, Cyfx consolidates the strength of both negative and positive security controls to avert breaches. Rather than thinking about how their digitalization will increase their risk, this strategy encourages Cyfx’s customers to concentrate on what drives their company forward. It’s a win-win for Cyfx and its customers. The company ensures the above by partnering with other innovative companies.

As a master MSSP, Cyfx is always on the lookout for innovative security solutions; this coupled with Cyfx’s marketing assistance and high-level technical support can help turn any MSP into an MSSP. “We are forward-thinking, partner-focused, and help MSPs take full advantage of the best technologies available,” says Nandan Arora, CEO of Cyfyx Cybersecurity.

Being an MSSP, it was natural for the company to already have in place cybersecurity and endpoint protection (EPP) vendors that provided it with the needed security solutions. However, the team at Cyfx wasn’t overly impressed with the solutions offered by its two EPP vendors—Crowdstrike and Sentinel.

The company wanted to offer more value to its customers than what was possible with these two vendors. Cyfx wanted to make the transition from MSP to MSSP for its customers as easy and smooth as possible. This motivated the company to start looking for other vendors who offered more in terms of innovation and offering than Crowdstrike & Sentinel. This search led Cyfx to Comodo and its range of innovative Cybersecurity offerings.
“Unlike other next-gen EPP vendors like Crowdstrike & Sentinel One, Comodo not only provides AEP, but also offers Endpoint Manager (RMM), Secure Email Gateway (email security) & Security Internet Gateway (DNS-based internet security & category-based website filtering), all from a single platform, and with a bundle and volume-based discounts & pricing. MSPs find it very attractive to no longer pay for and deal with 4-5 separate vendors and platforms, thanks to Comodo,” says Nandan.

How Partnership with Comodo is Helping Cyfx to Achieve Its Mission
Cyfyx Cybersecurity partnered with Comodo to bring the latter’s entire range of Cybersecurity solutions to the MSP ecosystem. Cyfx chose Comodo’s Dragon Platform with Advanced Endpoint Protection (AEP), which is a patent-pending auto containment technology with active breach protection that neutralizes ransomware, malware, and cyber-attacks.

Comodo’s AEP utilizes a Default Deny Platform to provide complete protection against zero-day threats while having no impact on end-user experience or workflows. Additionally, Comodo’s Valkyrie analyzes and gives a trusted verdict for 100% of files on a network.
Lastly, Comodo’s platform shares intelligence and is, therefore, more secure than disparate products that claim the best of the breed but don’t share information. Comodo has architected its cyber-security product to maximize intelligent sharing between every component of the platform, therefore providing superior security.

Another feature that stood out was Comodo’s SOC-as-a-Platform (SOCaaP); it was something that none of the other vendors that Cyfx had previously worked with or spoken to had available. Comodo’s next-gen SOCaaP includes people, processes, and technology and offers fully white-label capability for any MSSP or enterprise. It saves the company’s partners time and money, without zero capital outlay.

Final Word
Together Comodo and Cyfyx will bring Comodo’s entire range of Cybersecurity solutions, including the Dragon platform with advanced endpoint protection (AEP) and SOC-as-a-Platform (SOCaaP™) to the MSP ecosystem. This will enable any MSP to turn into a full MSSP without upfront capital expenses or additional hires, driving additional high-margin monthly recurring revenue (MRR) and growth.

“We welcome this partnership with Cyfyx and look forward to reaching out to the entire MSP community to show how Cyfyx and Comodo can turn any MSP into an MSSP,” commented Farokh Karani, Senior Director–Channels and Alliances for Comodo. He continued, “Cyfyx will provide their MSP clients first-level technical support, as well as marketing assistance, to help them transition to an MSSP, and add those valuable high-margin MRR dollars to their bottom line. We plan to form deep alliances with MSP communities like the ASCII Group and other partner focused organizations”.

Alan Knepfer, President and Chief Revenue Office at Comodo, says, “Comodo is a partner-centric company and we’re grateful for partners like Cyfyx Cybersecurity for trusting in us to provide the MSPs that they serve, their total Cybersecurity requirements.”