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A single cyber-attack can cost you your business. Data from the National Cyber Security Alliance shows that 60 percent of small and mid-sized business close after 6 months following an attack. Businesses which fall prey to hackers and cybercriminals lose their customers’ trust and their clients’ repeat business.

This is why investing in the services of a firm that handles cyber security for business is a must-have investment. Let’s take a closer look at why you should partner with a cyber security provider today:

Cyber Security for Business Advantage 1: Protect Your Business from Cyber Attacks

A cyber security provider’s main task is to protect your business from all forms of cyber-attacks. They will deploy security solutions like Comodo Endpoint Protection system to keep malware and hackers at bay. Their services revolve around actively updating your defenses and monitoring network activity to meet that end.

Cyber Security for Business Advantage 2: Identify Weaknesses in Your Network Infrastructure

Your network potentially harbors security vulnerabilities which will allow attackers entry into your system. When you hire a cyber security firm, one of the first things they’ll do is to audit every nook and cranny of your network for weaknesses. They’ll then report their findings to you and develop an action plan to plug these security holes and strengthen your network.

Cyber Security for Business Advantage 3: Provide Cybersecurity Training

If left untrained your employees can be your biggest vulnerability. According to the Ponemon Institute’s 2018 Cost of a Breach Study, human error accounts for 27% of the root causes of data breaches. Cyber security training will slash these percentage down as employees learn about correct cyber security hygiene and habits.

Cyber Security for Business Advantage 4: Update Cybersecurity Defenses

Cyber security firms will perform routine patch management on every device in the network. Each hardware in the network can potentially house security vulnerabilities in their operating systems. The developers of these programs routinely “patch” these security holes and IT teams download and install these patches on their network devices.

Your cyber security partner will install these patches and keep them up-to-date to protect your network from malware that will exploit weaknesses.

Cyber Security for Business Advantage 5: Detect and Remediate Cybersecurity Issues

A cyber security provider will routinely monitor the processes within your network and keep an eye out for irregularities. They’ll also perform every method of scanning for malware and viruses within their arsenal to see if newer forms of malware have wormed their way into the infrastructure. If their detection methods find anything, they will immediately clean the malware and restore your system to its working condition.

Cyber Security for Business Advantage 6: Help Your Business with Compliance

As huge data breaches come into mainstream consciousness, more and more governments have started hefting the responsibility of protecting customer data onto corporations and businesses. They introduce laws to do this and fine entities which don’t comply.

One chief example of this is the European Union which instituted the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) to prevent data breaches and fight against cybercrime by forcing companies to prepare for these potential issues. Failure to meet any of the GDPR’s statutes can mean fines for the offending company aside from damages resulting from a breach.

A cyber security firm will help your company meet these regulations by keeping your network up to standard. They will also help you shape policies in your company around cybersecurity so you stay within compliance requirements.

Cyber Security for Business Advantage 7: Your Crisis Response Team

If and when an attack happens, your cyber security firm will know exactly what to do. For example, they’ll employ solutions like Comodo during a DDOS attack. Should your company suffer from an ongoing data breach, they’ll quickly go into action to resolve the situation as fast as possible in order to staunch the bleeding.

As you can see, a cyber security provider can do a lot for your business. The true value of partnering with a cyber security company is that it will help your company grow by protecting business continuity and fostering an environment where employees can feel safe to work. A safe working environment plus keeping your reputation clean can guarantee your business’ success in the long term.

Cyber security firm trust and use layered cyber security solutions like Comodo Endpoint Protection. Comodo Endpoint Protection bundles the Comodo Firewall and the Comodo Antivirus with Comodo’s patented Auto-Containment technology and scanning systems to protect your business.

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