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On November 4, UK-based IT support company Strobe IT announced it had replaced its previous antispam engine with Comodo Korumail. Going forward, Strobe IT clients will be protected from spam, phishing, spoofing, and other email nuisances with Comodo’s multi-layer antispam protection. In a blog post on its website, Strobe IT laid out its four reasons for choosing Korumail over any other antispam engine on the market:

Why Korumail?

  1. KoruMail uses Comodo’s business grade antivirus product for scanning emails instead of a free basic scanner.
  2. Comodo have a dedicated team creating and writing spam rules allowing us to be ahead of the game.
  3. Not only do we have the access to RBL’s (Blacklists), Comodo provides their own managed list like this too.
  4. More customizable so we can tailor it to each client.

After using Korumail for only two days, Strobe IT reported seeing a 20% jump in the amount of spam emails being caught.

“Before this we were seeing about 70% of email being classed as clean. Now we see on average 45-50% classed as clean.”

Strobe IT was also pleased with the amount of categories and tags Korumail applies to incoming emails. Rather than just splitting emails into “Spam,” “Clean,” or “Virus” categories, Korumail divides emails into numerous highly-specific categories, including “Spam,” “Probable Spam,” “Virus,” “Social,” “SPF Reject,” and many more. Korumail can even tag the subject lines of incoming emails, with tags like [PROMO] for advertisements, which allows users to filter and sort emails into folders with ease.

Learn More About Korumail

Comodo KoruMail is an enterprise anti-spam and threat prevention appliance that uses a sophisticated array of spam filters, anti-virus scanners and content analysis engines to prevent unsolicited mail from ever entering your network. The solution is compatible with all major MTAs (Mail Transfer Agents), integrates easily into existing e-mail structures, and is scalable to thousands of users.

To learn more about Korumail’s key features and benefits, visit the Korumail website.