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Spamming is the act of sending unsolicited message via electronic messaging systems. Unsolicited or unwanted mails not only consume your corporate email bandwidth but can also negatively affect employee productivity. Therefore, enterprises need to keep the spamming problem in check. If not, spam can cause a lot of problems.

What Does Anti-spam Software Do?

As the name suggests, anti-spam software prevents spamming. Once installed on your mail servers, antispam software will block spam emails based on several criteria like the sender’s email address, subject line, the message in the body, and the type of attachments accompanying the mails. Many anti-spam software use a list of habitual spam senders – known as spammers- and blacklist them.

But Anti-spam Is Not Just About Preventing spam Mail

Overtime spamming has evolved and it’s no longer just about annoying emails which hamper your enterprise’s growth. Now, spam mail poses security threats to enterprises. In other words, emails have become ‘gateways’ or ‘entry points’ for malware to infect enterprise networks. To stop this from happening, anti-spam software also prevents email borne malware from infecting enterprises by checking each and every email which passes through the network. Simply put, these security tools provide email security by monitoring your email servers.

Why Use Comodo Anti-spam Gateway?

Comodo Antispam Gateway (ASG) comes equipped with impressive enterprise email security features that easily make it one of the best in the IT security industry. The ASG enterprise email surveillance system, which combines two effective technologies, namely Valkyrie and Containment, ensures enterprise emails remain malware-free without affecting the employee mail experience.

Need 100% Protection Against Phishing Emails
Comodo Dome Antispam
Prevent Unsolicited Mails from entering your network.
→ Protection Against Zero-Day Malware
→ Secure Email Security Policies
→ Comprehensive Logging and Easy Deployment
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Apart from this, it is also a highly efficient spam blocker, with features like outbound email filtering, sender/recipient filtering, blacklisting, bulk email categorization, IP reputation analysis etc.,

Enterprise Anti-spam Software Features:

  • Default Deny Architecture – which denies entry for all files until they prove themselves to be harmless.
  • Containment – for restraining malicious email related files and preventing them from infecting enterprise networks
  • Protection Against Zero-Day Malware – by running unknown files in containers
  • Secure Email Security Policies – which allows for granular and centralized control of the user and group-based email policies.
  • Enhanced Email Experience – as enterprises are free to open, execute and use email attachments without worrying about any malware infection, while malware checks run in the background
  • Comprehensive Logging and Easy Deployment – powered by efficient auditing, forensics support, and Active Directory/LDAP integration.

And Much More: Spam Filtering, Phishing Protection, Default Deny Approach etc.

Comodo Dome Antispam

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