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US House of Representatives Finally Passes CyberSecurity Bill

After years in the works, CyberSecurity legislation has finally passed the House of Representatives. The purpose of this bill is to protect the millions of people who interact on the Internet daily. Why is it so necessary?

Because as long as there are cyber-crooks, there will continue to be more and more scurrilous technological advances that will harm Web visitors. So we must all work to protect ourselves online. We must protect our credit card details, our confidential information that’s compiled on servers, plus any intellectual property.

The CyberSecurity bill is a big step in the right direction. It’ll increase funding for research and training. But in the meantime, Comodo continues to do its part by providing eMerchants and other Web sites with top rated SSL and EV SSL Certificates. To find out more, visit SSL.comodo.com.


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