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Since Comodo surpassed Symantec as the leader in SSL Certificates in February, Comodo’s market share has increased every month, while Symantec’s has decreased. Coincidence? We think not.

Companies and organizations are actively choosing Comodo to be their undisputed choice for digital certificates, and looking at Comodo and its certificate management solution to maintain, track and update the hundred and thousands of certificates.

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We asked Gokhan Tufan, Product Manager for Comodo Certificate Manager (CCM), what the advantages of CCM over our competitors are.

“CCM is a cloud-based service that makes digital certificate issuance and management easier, simpler and faster. CCM also allows companies and organizations of all sizes to take advantage of a powerful and friendly user interface to effectively manage the lifecycle of digital certificates. The last thing a company needs to deal with is an expired certificate—which can lead to scaring away customers and losing mindshare. CCM gives peace of mind to IT Administrators by ensuring the lifecycle of every digital certificate is closely observed and managed.”

What do some of Comodo’s customers say about using CCM?

Christian Freund, Technical Authority, Systems and Software Development for Weseler Rechenzentrum, a leading provider of IT technology consulting and solutions: “Comodo Certificate Manager’s workflow makes it very easy to operate, allowing our systems administrators to have single visibility into all of the digital certificates we need to manage now and in the future. CCM is the perfect solution to manage the lifecycle of our certificates and grow with us, as we grow as a company.”

Craig Hurter, IT Security Manager for the University of Colorado at Boulder: “Since installing the Comodo Certificate Manager solution, it has become a major part of our IT management infrastructure, allowing us to update, add and delete thousands of digital certificates with a streamlined dashboard and email alert system. With the added features of domain verification and same day expiration reissuance, CCM helps us ensure that all of our faculty, students and staff can use the internet safely and securely.”

Andrew Rust, Technical Authority at Aviva, the largest insurer in the United Kingdom: “We need to put a certificate management solution in place that would significantly streamline the process of ordering, managing, and understanding which digital certificates were expiring – and Comodo Certificate Manager was the perfect security solution for us. CCM gives us proactive updates regarding any changes in the SSL landscape including security issues and alerts, and ensures no unexpected certificate expiration. All of these features within CCM allow for our organization’s dependence on IT to remain secure.”

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