What Is Internet Security and its essentials Reading Time: 2 minutes

Everyone is talking about last week’s Syfi flick Sharknado, the insanely improbable tale of a rain of killer sharks on Los Angeles . A sequel has already been announced where displaced sharks will take a bite out of the Big Apple, New York.  Chomp!

I don’t have a degree in meteorology or whatever degree you need to be an expert on sharks, but I am pretty sure we don’t have to worry about a sharknado in the real world.  However, in the Internet world we have seen a rain of computer eating, data stealing malware that threatens anyone who goes online.

Let’s call it Malnado!

Hackers are the Internet “sharks” who are patrolling the web waters looking to devour your data, consume your financial accounts and wreck your life. They just do it with bytes instead of bites!

In Sharkenado, the hero took on the sharks with a chainsaw. (I kid you not)

With malware, all you need is Comodo Internet Security.  If a vicious, predatory program is not identified by a list of known threats, other Antivirus systems would just let it run and devour your computer. Not so with Comodo!

Comodo Internet Security uses a Default/Deny strategy that only allows a program to be run by the system if it is verified as safe.  If there is a doubt, it runs it in a safe area called a Sandbox. If it turns out to be malicious, it can do no harm to your system from the Sandbox.   No chainsaw required!

The beauty of the Comodo approach is that it protects you from unknown threats that have not been identified yet , even threats not  invented.  You are even protected from a Malnado sequel!

With Comodo, Malnado is story with a happy ending!

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