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Why should fathers day be about you alone? It could well be about your children, right? After all, they are your flesh and blood and the reason you are working hard. So let’s be different this Father’s day and turn things around by giving a gift to your children instead you expecting a gift from them. So what do you think you should be giving them?

Children these days are tech-savvy. I’m sure this goes to your child as well without saying. So they are probably hanging onto their laptops or smartphones or tablets and Ipods….phew, the list goes on – all the time. The point is they’ve become so dependent on these devices that they can hardly stay away from them. And each of these devices connects to the internet, which is abundant in information – and also with a lot of hackers and other online threats!

Now the question is – is your child’s digital gadget safe? If you are not sure and you do not know, what are you doing (or can do) to make them safe? Here are some suggestions for gifting your child this father’s day with “online web security” and proving that there is not a day in a calendar year when you don’t stop thinking about how ‘special’ your child is to you.

1. Install an Antivirus Package: Your child’s digital devices are a goner without an antivirus package to protect them from various security threats out there. So the first and foremost thing you should be doing is getting an antivirus package for securing all those digital gadgets they have. This simple step will do wonders to protecting those devices and prolonging their lifetimes.

2. Internet Security Suite: This is much more than an antivirus and suits well for your PC(s) and laptops. It is usually made of many IT security tools like anti-spyware, firewall, anti-malware, and comes with auto-sandbox technology integrated into it. A powerful tool to secure your child’s device from various forms of hacking

3. Educate Them About the Importance of Online Security: You cannot, as a parent, give a better gift than educating your child. It is your duty to make them street-smart so that they tackle this world easily when they become adults themselves. So educate them about the importance of staying secure online. After all, they are connected to this (sometimes vicious) online world all the time where things can go wrong pretty easily.

Father's Day 2017 - Gift Idea's

Here Are Some Suggestions on What Security Tips You Can Impart To Them:

1. Password protection: Ensure that all their digital gadgets are password protected. Teach them how passwords are crucial to safeguarding their devices. Often, it’s easy to forget the importance of passwords in the highly-technical world we live in today. Remind them about the same. Also, make them understand that they need different passwords for their different digital accounts. A ‘one-password-for-all is a strict NO’. Let them understand this.

2. Disabling Bluetooth: Bluetooth is literally a gateway to your children’s digital device. So teach them the importance of ‘turning it on only when required’. Otherwise, their digital security can be compromised badly.

3. Public Wi-Fi (May Not be Always Secure): Your children will obviously be on the move. After all, they are children. Coffee houses, shopping malls, airports, and restaurants – all places where children frequent are equipped with “free public wi-fi”. An offer so tempting that even we adults have a hard time ignoring. This can actually be an avenue for hackers and no-good-doers. But teach them about its consequences. This should prevent them from accessing those free public wi-fi(s) again.

4. Create Awareness About Online Fraudulence: Let your children know that they should not be clicking every link from emails and other sites (especially pop-ups). That they are fake websites trying to swindle unsuspecting online users. Educate your children about other sophisticated forms of attacks.

If you’ve done all this, you probably secured your child’s online safety for good. Be proud of that and A very Happy Father’s Day to you!

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