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Managed Service Providers or MSPs as they are commonly called are companies that are equipped to manage the client organization’s IT network and the devices connected to it from remote on a pay as you go subscription model.

The IT industry has evolved with a multitude of software products that are related to network and systems management. It is therefore challenging to choose the right platform to support your MSP business.

Professional Services Automation (PSA) and Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) are the two platforms that any MSP has to rely on. Which one of these would actually meet your MSP needs?

If you are an MSP or if you are going to be one. Then this is one question that you and your workforce should ask for – PSA?? or RMM??

Ideally both PSA and RMM are related to any MSP business. When there is a transition from a break/fix to MSP or when there is a transitional phase from being a sole business owner to hiring an employee – the need of either a PSA or RMM or even both is required.

PSA (Professional Services Automation)

PSA is a prime tool to support MSP business. It is an archive for all the data involved in the organization about their clients, processes, assets, Inventory and more. It assists MSPs with service delivery, billing, and customer management. To be more precise, PSA tool assists you in resource and project management.

RMM (Remote Monitoring and Management)

RMM assists MSPs to monitor and take control of the client’s system and networks and the endpoints associated to the client’s network.

Therefore, PSA tools are capable to track work in a client’s network while the RMM assists the client organization to do that work from remote as well as ensures to monitor the activities of the client’s network.

Which is the best option and how do you choose?

  • Check if there are cash-flow bottlenecks
  • Is it challenging to invoice the amount of resources and time as they are not recorded in a right way?
  • Is it difficult to track sales opportunities?
  • Do I have to invest a lot of time to ensure that my security options are compliant and updated to the organization’s regulations?
  • Do I have to perform redundant tasks, which could be easier with automation?
  • Do I see simple issues going un-noticed, which could have been notified with an RMM tool?

Know what will serve you the best by answering the above questions. If you are running an MSP business and have few clients, you can adopt to both the platforms, . Understand the whole process of deployment of each of the platforms. Choose the tool that is simple and easy to deploy.

Understand the factors that are associated with the business and the requirements associated with the business. For instance, if you are looking for system to capture the cash flow and invoice, then PSA would be the best option, however, if there is a need to troubleshoot the issues on the client side, then RMM stands the best option.

Remote Monitoring Management

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