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There are tons of security tips provided online for the average. So much that it can actually be confusing. This is especially true when using mobile technology, which is increasing essential, but increasingly a target for hacker

The following Mobile Antivirus prevention tips are hand-picked to alert you and show you what you should do when using your smartphone. Compared to computers, the latest range of tablets and smartphones are grabbing more attention from hacker. The number of people using their own smartphones for business use is too large to for most organization to control, making an inviting target for malware developers. The app store and play store are major vehicles for distributing malware content. Make sure you have a Mobile Antivirus application installed on your device to prevent virus infection and avoid losing data to unidentified third parties.

Ways to avoid bad apps

  • Check permissions to see what the app actually asks for before you install it.
    Usually, most apps will ask to access your phone memory or contacts. Sometimes, it might even want to access your camera.However, think twice before allowing permission. If you are in doubt, let the mobile antivirus scan the installer package first. If you cannot make a decision even then, either check online for any complaints on the app or simply avoid using it.
  • Research the internet to learn the integrity level of the app and the vendor.
    It is easy because in the original and authentic app store from Google or Apple, you will find plenty of customer reviews. If they look bad, or people claim that the app does something malicious, stay away from it at all costs.Check the user ratings and if possible, see if your friends have used it already to know how reliable it is. If it isn’t so, it ain’t good.
  • Stick to a reputed and reliable app store.
    The mobile antivirus program will be able to protect you only after malicious codes are identified.  However, being the primary user, it is your responsibility to make sure that you don’t keep downloading apps or games from the wrong store all the time. Reputable and official app stores verify digital signatures and ensure the installer package is not tampered with.
  • Use a mobile security solution with antivirus.
    Using mobile security solutions is an idea whose time has come, whether or not most people understand how important it is! Install one and you will find that it can actually secure your smartphones just like such programs safeguard computers.
  • Learn to spot the bad apps.
    When something is too good to be true it usually isn’t. Malware is often distributed disguised as software that you really want to have to trust the source.

There is no better example of a trusted source than Comodo. That’s why when you see that Comodo Mobile Security is free, you know that it will still be an outstanding product. It is not like other free software that are stripped down or time limited. It offers great security, period.

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