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The Black Hat 2013 conference held at Las Vegas a week ago was an eye-opener for security experts and common users. A slew of hackers, legitimate security agencies and specialists in the industry uncovered various bugs that threaten privacy, security and most of all, pose a threat to the very individual’s existence. Even cars and toilets could be hacked, is what the event revealed and sent a warning notice to everyone to take care of their digital belongings.

Mobile Security is a high concern at this year’s Black Hat conference because smartphones and tablets are the most preferred consumer medium in modern times. While the iOS and Android war rages, consumers are put at risk because of rogue apps, malware third party app markets, modified file packages and other threats in various forms.

With over 7, 500 attendees, it was a grand event and witnessed some insightful look into Mobile Security.

Apple’s Stand

One of the events demonstrated how a malicious charging device, a simple USB stick can be used to bypass all types of security measures in place integrated by the iOS operating system. It even managed to skip digital signature verifications system and installed phony apps with injected malware in it. The surprising revelation was, the task was done without even jailbreaking the iPhone.

Android Apps Insecure?

A majority of the security experts claimed mobile security is at risk when using third party app stores to download Android apps. The official app store verifies an app with its digital signature and untampered seal. Hackers managed to download an app, unwrap the coding system and inject malware before uploading it again onto other app stores. Users who assume that a digital signature verification is all they need will that find it doesn’t exist and chances are high that they might be downloading a bug or virus instead of an app.

Similarly, the concept of creating multiple spam accounts on social networking websites by using cryptographic keys used for signing Android applications was also demonstrated. This allows bots to be part of the social networking community and spread malware, spyware at a rapid rate on desktop PCs, tablets and smartphones easily.

The process of altering an authorized Android application to bring it under the hacker’s control was staged. Using the method, a third party from any part of the globe can control your smartphone, read its messages, record phone calls and much more. Similar bugs and issues in Blackberry 10 OS was also revealed at the press conference.

Best Security Managers

All the hue and cry of mobile security threats at Black Hat 2013 conference revealed that using best security managers is the first and mandatory step for every user. Comodo is a leading security solutions company and a certificate authority. The trust assurance company always stay ahead with latest technology deployed to fight such threats at an early stage. The Android mobile security app from Comodo is available for download on Google Play Store. The purpose of the conference is to educate users and product or software developers to be aware of the loopholes which is achieved, yet again!

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