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Data Security
Employing encryption strategies needs to be an everyday part of life due to the widespread use of mobile computing and modern storage technologies. It is essential for modern work , our personal papers and the files we love to share and hold for posterity. You shouldn’t need professional help, and fortunately you don’t.

There are many online tools which will help consumers and common users encrypt files or whatever data that they have. This task is performed by SSL certificates in online merchants and banking websites to prevent shared data being read by hackers. No third party can eavesdrop when data is in transition because the messages have been coded and they won’t have the key to decode. That is what encryption is all about, and versions of the technology are available to protect the files on your computer and your email messages.

If you haven’t done it, the time has come to encrypt your data on your hard drive and other storage devices.. If you are not technically inclined, don’t worry, there are some great software available that make it easy. For example, Truecrypt is an open source (free!) application that stands apart for its exceptional ease of use, user friendly design and the ability to complete the encryption process instantly.

For easy maintenance, you can consider using a single password to maintain and manage all encrypted solutions. Make sure to use a “strong password” which is hard to crack for cyber criminals. You may have noticed that more and more web sites, especially financial institutions are requiring passwords with more characters, combinations of upper and lower case and special characters. There is a very good reason for that. By one estimation, an average hacker can crack a 6 letter lower case password in 20 minutes. Strong passwords will take exponentially longer.

The problem with encryption passwords for important data, of course, is that you can’t afford to lose it.. Using private names or stuff that are close to your heart, can help you remember them. However you have to be aware that some hackers research their targets and will be looking for clues in your family names, birth dates other personal information.

Do not forget that digital certificates are not just for web site. You can use them to sign individual files and secure your email. Taking personal security measures will help you make sure your privacy is intact and no compromises of your digital personal possessions.

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