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Comodo Deploys AntiSpam Gateway for Edward F. Bukaty, III Law firm to Provide Proactive Spam Filtering, Increased Productivity and Protection from Email Based Virus & Malware Threats

The law offices of Edward F. Bukaty, III, P.L.C., a professional law firm founded in 1978, discovered a virus outbreak had occurred. Microsoft Security Essentials (MSE) was then being used as the company’s antivirus protection software. The IT administrator contacted Microsoft support for assistance.

The Microsoft support team called upon Comodo to identify and promptly remove the virus infection. The customer learned that the virus outbreak was introduced via a spam email. Immediate access to “competent” support resources was identified as critical by the law firm’s IT administrator.

Edward F. Bukaty, III Law needed to reduce the amount of incoming spam and proactively protect the firm from the risk of email infection. The IT Administrator needed a way to prevent and filter malicious attachments, virus and malware threats as well as phishing attacks and automated spambots, and reduce the overall amount of junk mail. The challenge was to provide an increased level of productivity without adding administrative burden to IT and to do so in a cost effective manner. Having been introduced to Comodo by the Microsoft technical support team, the administrator reached out to Comodo for assistance. Upon understanding the customer’s need – a common one — to reduce the amount of incoming spam messages and provide virus / malware protection against infection-bearing messages before they reached the firm, Comodo recommended the deployment of a cloud-based AntiSpam Gateway as a first line, pre-perimeter defense

As ASG is a cloud-based service, it was easy to get the firm’s MX records pointed to the Comodo ASG servers, which immediately started mail
filtering. Comodo’s AntiSpam Gateway has been designed to facilitate setup and management, therefore reducing the time and effort usually associated with configuring and troubleshooting desktop-based solutions or hardware devices. It is also significantly more effective than continuously downloading whitelists and blacklists, as the cloud-based service is updated in real time. This was especially important to the law firm.

Business Improvements:
The firm has realized several benefits as a result of ASG, most notablyan approximately 85% reduction in the amount of inbound electronic mail. This led to a direct correlation of increased productivity as well as a recovery of the unauthorized use of bandwidth that was being consumed by incoming spam.

Edward F. Bukaty, III P.L.C. was able to provide a cost effective and efficient solution to address the significant problem that spam had become for the firm. They also utilized a free tool from Comodo that was recommended by Microsoft support — CCE quickly discovered and remediated the virus outbreak the firm was experiencing, which in turn provided an extremely high level of confidence in Comodo’s technology. After deploying Comodo’s AntiSpam Gateway, the firm also immediately starting eliminating inbound spam messages, resulting in an 85% overall reduction in messages. The IT administrator also pointed out how pleased he was to get “competent & immediate support” as well as how easy the web-based management interface was to use and that if a quarantined message needed to still be delivered, that could be accomplished with just a few keystrokes. Through their joint collaboration with Comodo, Edward Bukaty Law has gained a solution that permits them to productively serve the requirements of their clients on an on-going basis.

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