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Spamming refers to use of an electronic messaging system such as e-mails, digital delivery systems or any other broadcast media to transmit unsolicited messages particularly advertising messages to a group of recipients. In all cases, the recipient does not authorize for receiving those messages. Besides that, most of the spam emails contain viruses, adware, or scams.

What is Comodo Dome Antispam?

Comodo Dome Antispam is a unique enterprise anti-spam solution that sports a built-in containment technology. The Comodo Dome uses exceptional spam filters, and content analysis engines to recognize and block unsolicited emails from accessing your network.

Key Features Of Comodo Dome Antispam

Security & Usability: Open, execute and use email attachments as required without the fear of malicious files infection.
Granular Control: The group-based email policies and central management of user ensures system and network safety.
Flexible Deployment: Choose the one that best fits your requirement, it is available in single-tenant, on-premises, and multi-tenant hosted.

How Does Anti-spam Work?

Intelligent Filtering

The Comodo Dome Antispam efficiently identifies tricky subject lines and text in the email messages. Thereby, it blocks specific email addresses that send in spam messages. Its excellent design quality enables administrators to block incoming emails based on senders even when the email address is not in the recipient field.

Quarantine logs on the management console make it easy to review and take action on filtered emails.

Quarantining Spam

The Comodo Dome Antispam automatically quarantine the spam emails. This ensures that the inbox is spam free all the time. All quarantined emails are held for a fixed number of days and then dumped.

Emails can be verified for their authenticities during that period and legitimate ones can be recovered if needed.

Automatic Filter Updates

The Comodo Dome Antispam comes with automatic filter update feature. This allows timely detection of new types of Malware threats. Besides the point that it helps secure your system from new kinds of Malware, it also helps in the anti-spam software staying up-to-date to ward OFF new risks.

Monitoring Multiple Accounts

The antispam allows the user to monitor and filter spam from multiple accounts. Simply filter the home email from work email, and vice versa. With this feature, you can monitor and filter spam from multiple accounts. You can filter your home email from work email, and vice versa.


The Comodo Dome anti-spam software enables the user to manage a ‘friendly’ list of people whose emails they wish to receive. The users can update the list in the future and these emails will never be mistaken for spam against blacklist spammers.

Reporting Spam

The Comodo Dome Antispam lets you report the spam back to the company supplying the program. This approach allows that company to develop a new type of filters. But this demands a perfect analysis of the reported spam.


Emails have become an attractive way of promoting, and requires perfect filtering mechanisms, to avoid spam. The Comodo Dome Antispam solutions are signature based that use their signature file (blacklist) to detect and respond to the new type of Malware.

Comodo’s patented containment technology prevents threats or harmful files from attacking your files through its signature-based anti-spam software. The malicious files are treated in a defined operating system environment, thus controlling the resources and the spread of infection.

If you are in search of a good anti-spam solution, look no further that Comodo Dome Anti-spam today!

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