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Comodo Threat Research Labs (CTRL) detected more than 25 million malware incidents in 223 top-level country code domains (ccTLD), in nearly every nation, province, state and city on Earth in its new Q1 2017 Threat Report. Here, we summarize the report’s key findings.

Russia: World’s No. 1 Malware Victim

Despite decades of analysis highlighting Russia as a source of cyberattacks – from The Cuckoo’s Egg to the Democratic National Committee and Crash Override – Comodo’s Q1 report offers fresh evidence that Russia is also the most frequent victim of malware, with nearly 12% of all malware detections.

High-Tech: Top Vertical Target

Technology was the highest value target vertical, based on the quantity, quality, and complexity of detected malware, because it gives hackers keys to the virtual kingdom of cyberspace. Why compromise one victim, when you can compromise millions at once?

Asia: Most Compromised Continent

After Russia, Asian countries complete Comodo’s top five infected nations: Taiwan is No. 2 in malware detections (8.8%), Hong Kong No. 3 (7.7%), Philippines No. 4 (7.2%), and Indonesia No. 5 (5.5%). Download the Q1 2017 Threat Report to see where your country falls on this list.

National Wealth Affects Risks and Threats

Trojans, backdoors, packed malware, and ransomware target wealthier countries, which offer a higher return on investment in terms of political, economic, military, and intelligence gain. Viruses and worms are more prevalent in poorer countries, taking easy advantage of more vulnerable systems. Full-color world maps of malware are available in the Comodo Q1 Report.

Trojans: No. 1 Global Malware Threat

Trojans are the top malware threat globally, and in most individual countries. Comodo detected 13 million+ trojans in 223 countries. Trojans are a versatile weapon that can be used for myriad follow-on attacks, including the installation and execution of ransomware.

Ransomware Rising

Comodo detected nearly 100K ransomware cases in 127 countries. In early 2017, Russia and Iran were the top victims, but Poland and the U.S. were rising steadily in Comodo detections. Ransomware is likely to get worse before it gets better, especially as the Internet of Things grows quickly.

Comodo Recommendations to Enterprise Cybersecurity Leaders

Given the highly technical and rapidly evolving nature of the cyberthreat landscape, it is essential that enterprises make cybersecurity a strategic priority, by hiring, training and retaining qualified personnel; keeping skills, equipment and software as current as possible through proper configuration, hardening, minimization and patching.

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About the Comodo Threat Research Labs Q1 2017 Report

The Comodo Threat Research Labs Q1 2017 Report is the first quarterly publication of the Comodo Threat Research Labs, a group of more than 120 security professionals, ethical hackers, computer scientists, and engineers, who work for Comodo full-time analyzing malware patterns across the globe.

Comodo is a global innovator of cybersecurity solutions. The world’s largest certificate authority, Comodo authenticates, validates, and secures networks and infrastructures from individuals to mid-sized companies to the world’s largest industries.

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