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Comodo increases its global lead as the number one digital certificate authority

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Each month,, an independent IT market research firm, takes a look at the global digital certificate landscape for the top ten million websites and computes market share numbers from that data.
The results for February 2016 have just been posted, and for the 13th consecutive month, Comodo is once again the number one global leader in SSL digital certificates, with 40.9% of the market.

Since surpassing Symantec back in early 2015, Comodo has seen its market share in SSL digital certificates increase from 34.0% to the current 40.9%. Over that same timeframe, Symantec has gone from 33.1% of the market to now a current standing of 27.3%.

Comodo has seen month to month increases in market share for 11 of the past 13 months of the posted results, while Symantec has seen month to month decreases for now 13 consecutive months.
The top three market share positions in SSL Certificate Authority data over the past 13 months, according to


MARKET SHARE As of Mar 1 (2015)
As of Apr 1 As of May 1 As of Jun 1 As of July 1 As of Aug 1 As of Sept 1 As of Oct 1 As of Nov 1 As of Dec 1 As of Jan 1 (2016)
As of Feb 1 As of Mar 1
Comodo 34.0% 34.7% 35.3% 35.9% 36.4% 36.6% 36.6% 37.1% 39.1% 40.8% 40.7% 40.8% 40.9%
Symantec Group 33.1% 32.6% 32.2% 31.6% 31.2% 30.8% 30.6% 30.2% 29.9% 29.4% 28.5% 27.9% 27.3%
Go Daddy Group 13.8% 14.1% 14.0% 13.9% 13.8% 13.6% 13.4% 13.3% 13.2% 13.0% 12.7% 12.4% 12.2%


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