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Several decades, and many election cycles ago, in a well-known TV ad campaign, we were told that four out of five dentists famously recommended a certain sugarless gum (for their patients who chewed gum).

Today, in the midst of a mass migration from TV to the web, we decided to do a little straw poll of our own about website security providers.

Digital certificates

It being an American election year, we took a look at some of the key U.S. presidential candidates’ websites. What we found was that 4 out of the first 6 we saw had chosen Comodo’s market-leading SSL digital certificate solution to secure their websites.

Hillary Clinton’s site is secured by a Comodo SSL certificate.

Donald Trump’s website is also secured by Comodo.

Jeb Bush’s site, now newly reconfigured to after an unfortunate lapse in domain name ownership, is still protected by Comodo. His old one was as well. And though he may have suspended his campaign, is still up and running, and is still secured by Comodo, the SSL leader.

And speaking of former candidates, Carly Fiorina’s site is also protected by Comodo.

A year ago this February, Comodo surpassed Symantec (the former leader in SSL Certificates for nearly 20 years) in market share, and we’ve increased our share in the SSL market for the last 12 consecutive months, and currently hold more than a 41% market share(1)

Now as far as the candidates are concerned: whether you agree with their positions on the issues or not, we can all agree that these politicians have made the smart choice to secure their websites with Comodo SSL Certificates.

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