Comodo Announces Code Signing on the Fly Now Available With Comodo Certificate Manager 5.3 Reading Time: 2 minutes

Managing all your digital certificates can be a daunting task for businesses and mistakes are bound to happen due to human error when managing them manually, which is why IT security experts universally, and strongly, recommend automated certificate managers.


Comodo Announces Code Signing on the Fly Now Available With Comodo Certificate Manager 5.3

No IT administrator wants to lay awake at night wondering if their digital certificates are maintained, optimized and secure, which is why manual digital certificate key management is no longer practical.

Comodo Certificate Manager (CCM) was developed to solve this problem: helping companies with the end to end lifecycle management of their digital certificates.

CCM streamlines the lifecycle management of EV, SSL, UC, Wildcard, Multi-domain, and client certificates through a unified and secure web interface – which allows for easier administration, fast certificate issuance, lower costs and improved security.

Today, the engineers at Comodo have unveiled CCM version 5.3, which sees the addition of the Code Signing On-The-Fly (CSF) service, offering customers a more intuitive and highly secure way to digitally sign their software. Software publishers sign their applications with a code signing certificate to prove to customers that the file they are downloading is genuine, and not a version that has been modified or hacked. This is especially important for publishers who distribute their software through 3rd party download sites which they may have no control over. Furthermore, major operating systems will show end-users an error message if the software they are trying to install is not signed by a trusted CA.

This “code signing on the fly” service will help further streamline the lifecycle administration of certificates with rapid enrollment, approval, issuance, revocation and renewal of all SSL certificates from any CA.

Said Muratcan Tepencelik, CCM Product Manager, “Code Signing Services from Comodo solves the traditional code signing problems of private keys being shared locally – subjecting them to possible theft or loss – with instant feedback and approval processes – allowing the certificate management team to rest easy and know the lifecycle of their digital certificates are maintained, optimized and secure.”

Companies and organizations like America First Credit Union, Aviva and WRZ are just some of the companies across the globe which leverage CCM in everyday business.  Said Dustin Lovell, Systems Administrator at America First Credit Union, “with CCM, we can get fast turnaround and renewal on any certificate and stay up-to-date on certificates that are nearing expiration or renewal—ensuring our web properties stay fully functional and secure every minute of every day for our customers.”

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