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Our philosophy at Comodo is that every single technology transaction needs to have a layer of trust and security built into it. In June 2015, we relaunched a relationship with TechSoup, a leading civil society organization that works to improve lives globally through the use of technology. Since then, now more than 500 nonprofit organizations across 49 U.S. States have benefited from donated and discounted Comodo solutions that help protect and secure their IT environments.

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Just one of the many examples of organizations taking advantage of the Comodo-TechSoup relationship is Queen of Hearts Therapeutic Riding Center in Jurupa Valley, California. Michael Thomas is the IT Director for the Queen of Hearts center (, a nonprofit organization that, through charitable donations and fundraisers, uses horseback riding to help autistic children, adults with special needs and even military veterans cope with illness, stress and mental challenges.

“As a nonprofit organization, we rely on the generous contributions of people, businesses and organizations to fund our program – and that includes technology,” said Mr. Thomas.  “Just like any other business, we use tablets, desktops and mobile devices to track finances, tax records, contributions, our donation list and reports on all of our members – critical information we would never want in the hands of a cyberthief.”

To keep all of its important data safe and secure, Queen of Hearts took advantage of Comodo’s donation program with TechSoup, and implemented Comodo’s Advanced Endpoint Protection technology in late 2015.

“At the Ranch, we’ve been running Comodo’s advanced endpoint technology on all of our devices and have not experienced a single malware issue or threat to our system,” said Mr. Thomas.  “The dashboard enables our small IT department to manage and secure all of our endpoints quickly and seamlessly. Through the great partnership between TechSoup and Comodo, we’re able to use Comodo’s world-class security technology to protect and secure our information, and we’re thrilled at the results of being malware free. Our top priority will always be encouraging our members to grow and heal, and the technology from Comodo has given us the peace of mind to truly focus on that mission.”

The Comodo offerings that are part of the TechSoup relationship include spam and malware protection, internet security for laptops and desktop and digital certificates:

  • Comodo Antispam Gateway Protection
  • Comodo Endpoint Security Manager Protection
  • Comodo EV Multi-Domain SSL Certificate
  • Comodo EV SSL Certificate
  • Comodo Internet Security Pro 8
  • Comodo SSL Unified Communication Certificate
  • Comodo SSL Certificate
  • Comodo Wildcard SSL Certificate
  • HackerGuardian PC DSS Compliance Scanning

Donated Comodo security technology products are available to organizations with annual operating budgets of $1 million or less. TechSoup assess a small administrative fee for each product donation request, which supports the programs and services it provides to nonprofits and charities around the world to help use technology to further their missions. Discounted Comodo products are also available to organizations with operating budgets greater than $1 million.

If you are a nonprofit and are in interested in more details about the Comodo antispam, endpoint protection, digital certificate, and internet security solutions available from TechSoup, visit

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