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Starting July 22nd, Black Hat brings the cyber world together at Mandalay Bay for 6 days of learning.

Though more “White Hat” than ever, Black Hat USA is still the premier opportunity to learn about both sides of an escalating IT security “war” and to better understand the strategies and tools with which to fight and defend.   I first learned about mainframe hacking (who knew?), from a session here years ago by Philip the “Soldier of Fortran” Young and I’ve wanted to really participate ever since. So if you’re on the fence about going, don’t be—sign up and get to Las Vegas for the 20th Black Hat USA!

Black hat

Here are some highlights and tips for 2017:

Training Days (July 22-25, 2017):

Briefing Days (July 26-27, 2017):

Oh, and how could one possibly relax amidst this cyber battlefield? Two reasons:

  1. The technologies on display this year (e.g. auto-containment of unknown files and new malware) truly can alter the tide of this war and enable some calm.
  2.  The Black Hat Lobby Lounge from Comodo will be your place to get a drink, lounge on a sofa, pick up your new fidget spinner and recharge your devices (and yourself).

Come and meet the Comodo Threat Intelligence Lab team, schedule a meeting with engineering, sales, threat intelligence and/or SSL experts, including Comodo CEO Melih Abdulhayoglu, author and former White House CIO Carlos Solari, and NATO Cyber Centre Ambassador Dr. Kenneth Geers, or just stop by the Lobby Lounge and relax.  Relaxation starts at noon on Monday and runs for the rest of the week.

NOTE: If you’re also sticking around down for DEF CON 25 down at Caesars’s Palace on July 27-30, you’ll definitely need a recharge at the Black Hat Lobby Lounge.  See you there!