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There are many reasons behind why hackers target websites. Years ago, hackers did it out sheer vanity. To prove that they can hack websites, to boost their egos. But as technology improved, so have the reasons for hacking. In this blog, let’s try to understand why hackers target websites and how they can be protected against such attacks.

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How do You Protect Yourself From Hackers?

What do Hackers Want?

Some of the reasons why hackers target websites are listed below:

1. To Disrupt Service: Hackers sometimes target websites with the aim of shutting down or rendering a particular website useless. Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks are a good example of disrupting the services offered by a web server. In this form of attack, hackers seize control over a group of computers and use them to ping a certain web server to overload and ultimately shut down the website.

2. To Steal Money: Probably the most popular and corrupt reason for hackers to hack websites. The advent of online banking has only made things easier for them. They simply have to look for security vulnerabilities in these websites. The moment they get hold of them, the money is literally theirs for the taking.

3. To Steal Valuable Information: The next best thing to digitally stealing money is to get their hands on valuable personal information. Identity theft is such a big issue wherein hackers can actually exploit your identity for their own benefit. Example:

  • Getting hold and making use of your credit card information
  • Knowing your Social Security Number to create open credit lines, drain accounts, and frame others.

4. For Fun or To Get Attention: Probably the most annoying of all reasons. Believe it or not, sometimes hackers hack for fun, out of boredom, or to simply get attention. On the other hand, this sort of hacking can sometimes be beneficial as they expose certain vulnerabilities in online security paving way for an improved and more robust system.

Why do Hackers Target WordPress?

Because of its popularity. Since WordPress platform is used for creating many websites, targeting them means potentially targeting thousands of websites which will be built using them. Therefore hackers make website hosting or building platforms like WordPress their primary target. Believe it or not, while many think WordPress websites are safe, the truth is that they are not so in reality.

What do all these Hacked Websites have in Common?

Lack of proper website security. A recent study reveals that online hacks cost medium-sized and small businesses more than $ 188,000 each year on average. It seems almost 60 percent of these companies have shut down because they were unable to survive the financial damages. They could still be operating today – only if they had proper security systems in place.

How can you improve your WebSite Security?

There are many high-class web security applications like Comodo CWatch which offer security against various malware attacks. These web security applications are usually equipped with malware removal tools that can also help you disinfect if yours is an already infected website. Therefore installing a web security application can go a long way in safeguarding your website from malware.

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