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Protect Your Website Against Security Threats

Criminals follow money.

Now that money has gone digital, it’s only natural that criminals have shifted their gaze to the online world in search of some easy money.

They are scouring the avenues of the world wide web looking for security loopholes to accomplish their devious motives.

Therefore if you have a website, you need to take security measures to protect it.

So how would you protect your website? What security measures can you take?

For 2020, here are the website security checklist guidelines:

1) Update Your Website Regularly: Websites are apps and apps need updates! Your website is an application that needs to be updated regularly to be secure against threats.

For example, the following elements should always be kept up-to-date:

  • The OS of the server on which your website is hosted
  • The CMS on which your website may have been designed
  • Any third-party app associated with your website

2) Use Secure Communication Protocol (aka SSL): This is crucial for website security and should be done immediately! Secure communication protocol – https – ensures your website interacts with others sites, users, applications, etc., in a secure way – using SSL encryption – without any data compromise.

3) Test Your Website For Security Vulnerabilities: Any website security checklist would be incomplete without this step, which is also known as penetration testing. Pen testing, for short, is the practice of testing a system or application for security weaknesses that a hacker could exploit. Due to the high complexity of pen testing, you must pay close attention to the next step.

4) Scan Your Website At Regular Intervals: Since the cybersecurity threat landscape keeps changing and pen testing is not a viable option for the majority of us. An effective way of checking your website security for threats is by using an online scanner.

5) Web Inspector: One of the most reliable website scanning tools is Comodo Web Inspector. It’s a website scanning tool that comes equipped with impressive security features such as Daily Malware Scanning, Blacklist Monitoring, Immediate Threat Notifications, Trust Seal and 24/7 Phone Support. You can scan your websites comprehensively and expose vulnerabilities before they get exploited.

In 2020, perform your website security check with Web Inspector and keep your website protected from thieving criminals.

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