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With a heavy flow of new security threats targeting the organizations for their data and money, IT security experts at organizations are finding it a daunting task to deny the ever-evolving sophisticated threats. A web security gateway is a product for any organization’s security. Implementing, configuring and maintaining a secure web gateway affects the level of security and how effective it provides.
In this article we will discuss about how web security gateway works to secure the organization from threats. Read on to know more..
Choosing the right strategy to deploy a web security gateway
One main factor that influences in protecting your organization’s network is by choosing the right Secure Web Gateway with the right set of features that includes

• HTTPS scanning
• URL Filtering
• Threat Intelligence feeds
• Mobile Support
• Data Loss Prevention
• Application Control
• Threat and Traffic Visualization

Organization should frame strict security objectives understanding the advantages and disadvantages of the implementation and strategies to be followed. This would entitle the organization to gain more benefits of a web secure gateway. Cloud-based Web Security Gateway is taking its phase of popularity and the growing interest seems to outweigh the on-premise system.. There is also an option to deploy a combination of cloud and on-premise which is becoming common too.


Integrating a Web Security Gateway with other Endpoint Security Products

Secondly, before deploying a Web Security Gateway, it is vital to have a check on the security controls. It is also important to understand the purpose of the other security devices on the network and for what they are installed and configured to mitigate. Also understand the rules and filters they implement to ensure security policies. Never fail to educate employees on the recent social media attacks. Above all check if it is easy to integrate web security gateway with the existing endpoint security products to avoid interruption in delivering network protection.

Mapping Acceptable Use and Compliance Policies to Rule Sets


Organizations should look into the usage of social website and take control over the same. Web Security Gateway can streamline the security process by enforcing to practice strict rules and security policies to comprehend the flow of traffic. It gives granular level of control on specific applications.


Setting up a Standard Procedure for Reviewing and Examining the Alerts and Enhancing Rule Sets

When a specific rule is not followed, there is an alert provided by the web security gateway. It is critical and inevitable to prioritize events, if you have to deal with multiple incidents. Incidents that involve highly valuable business-related data and those that can be easily compromised should be prioritized first and investigated immediately.

Evaluating the effectiveness of Secure Web gateway is done by monitoring the type and the number of incidents and the alerts as well. Visually mapping and regular tracking of the type of traffic would entitle IT admins to mitigate the false alerts. Set procedures and processes to conduct audit so as to verify if the rule sets are serving the intended purpose and are implementing the security policy in the right way.

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