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These days, everyone is concerned about online security. Recent data breaches and ransomware attacks have demonstrated that hackers have the ability to cause immense damage and, in some cases, cause companies to shut down. So, every website owner must take the proper precautions and ensure that their website is secure. Here are a couple of questions you need to ask yourself to determine your website is malware infected
Have you received a malware alert on Google Webmaster Tools?

clean your site

Is your website blacklisted?

Website Security

Is your website loading slower than usual?

website loading slower

Are browsers displaying warnings about your site?

browsers displaying warnings

Is your site sending emails on its own?

site sending emails

Has your hosting provider shut down your site due to malware?

shut down your site due to malware

Are you seeing strange files and/or folders on your site?

strange files or folders

Are there strange redirects happening on your site?

redirects happening on your site

Is your site not loading?

Is your site not loading

Use Comodo Cwatch

Comodo cWatch Web is a Managed Security Service (MSS) operating in a Security-as-a-Service (SaaS) model. This means it is software (no appliance required) designed to protect your company’s web activity.

Comodo cWatch Web

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