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A Personal Firewall controls network communication in and out of a single user’s computer and will restrict the communication based on security policies. A personal firewall is extremely important for computers with a static IP address or one with a stable IP address, as with “always” on technologies such as cable modems or DSL.

A personal provides a layer of protection from intruders that will stop or reveal issues before they impact your computer. Unlike antivirus software system, personal firewall is known to work behind the scenes control the traffic flow of data and will prompt you as needed.

It is always good to have free firewall to monitor you connections for malicious activity. A firewall is especially important when,

  • your files and documents of your personal computer needs to be accessed over the internet remotely
  • you operate any kind of Internet server
  • you to access program remotely like PC Anywhere or Wingate.
  • you use your computer on public WiFi network.

Make sure you configure your firewall consistent to your network security policies.

How does a Firewall helps us?

  • Prompts you on any unknown connection over the network, thereby blocking the connections
  • Gives you the ability to take over on the decisions of the programs whether to allow or not to allow access of internet
  • Secures and protects the files from the internet by restricting the entry of unrequested network
  • Takes control in managing the in and out flow of data through the internet traffic hence preventing unauthorized connections
  • Alerts you of the PC when an application attempts to establish an insecure connection
  • Maintains an activity log while alerting the users on any unsecured intrusions.

A personal firewall is an essential protection tool against intruder activity, especially defending against the introduction of Trojan Horse viruses, malicious programs masquerading as benign. The Personal Firewall restricts the Trojans at the entry level, denying it access to your system.

You can obtain the award winning Comodo Firewall as a standalone desktop application or as part of the Comodo Internet Security suite.

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