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Comodo FirewallToday, viruses prowl the Web in record numbers. And they’re causing slow PC, frozen screens, corrupt files and blue screen in epic proportion. Without a Firewall that builds an impervious fortress around your PC, sooner or later this plague of viruses, worms, Trojans and other malware is bound to wheedle its way into your PC and cause havoc! But to stop EVERY threat, you simply can’t depend on a Lax-Generation Firewall. You need a Firewall engineered from the most forward-thinking technology available. Next Generation Technology. Technology that’s founded on solid science. Not hollow hype.

And frankly, this is the kind of deep scientific investigation and prescient technological result you get only from Comodo. Why?Because Comodo’s Research & Development Division is a brain trust of scientists dedicated to proactively identifying and solving technological problems our competitors haven’t even noticed yet.

Point in fact: More than 50,000 new viruses appear on the Web every single day. Now doesn’t this make every Firewall that’s designed to stop an existing list of viruses obsolete within 24 hours of its creation? You bet! That’s why Comodo’s scientists invented Default Deny protection. Unique technology that defeats viruses, worms, Trojans and other malware, old or new, every single day! How? By permitting a White List of more than 5 million safe files to enter your PC. Instead of prohibiting a Black List of “Threats” that becomes dated immediately. And Comodo sends every PC with DDP periodic additions to its White List, so your Safe Files are always up to date.

But Comodo’s R&D Team didn’t stop there. By adding state of the art Auto-Sandboxing technology to our Firewall, potential threats are even quarantined, observed, approved, or flagged for extinction! The fact is, Comodo’s Firewall Technology is so unique it has actually been submitted for a US Patent!

Only a Firewall this technologically advanced allows you to unequivocally state that it makes every PC that employs it impervious to viruses. Our proof? Of the more than 40 million computers protected by the Comodo Firewall, none have been adversely affected by a virus. Ever.

Is Comodo’s Firewall so good it makes the protection you get from our antivirus software redundant? No. Here’s why. The Comodo Firewall is world renowned because of its unique and extremely effective layered security technology; Default Deny strategy, White List defense and Auto-Sandboxing protection. But even Comodo’s Free Firewall functions most efficiently when it works in tandem with Comodo Antivirus component. You see, while no Firewall does a better job of identifying, isolating, observing and analyzing potential threats than Comodo’s Firewall, its job is to quickly stop and tag viruses. But to eradicate the one, ten or a hundred viruses the Comodo Firewall isolates and identifies, we recommend that all of our Firewall users get our killer Antivirus. Combined with our 24/7, easy to use, online problem solving support service, GeekBuddy.

Comodo. Science Not Hype.                                                                                                                                                                                            – Glenn Scheuer

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