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Web Filtering

If you have kids, you know that the internet can be a dangerous place. But the internet can be equally, if not more dangerous to your employees and colleagues. They are adults, but they can still need some help to protect themselves and their environment from danger on the Internet. Not everything is what it seem.

Web Filtering Solution?

Web Filter – which is also commonly referred to as “content control software” – is a piece of software that is designed to restrict what websites a user can and cannot access on the internet.

On the surface, it’s pretty simple, but as with all technology, the deeper you drill down, the more complex things become. With precisely 1,292,812,747 live websites at the time of writing (according to the live counter at and increasing all the time, there’s simply no way that every single website out there can be included on these lists at any one time. And so, some web filtering programs rely on algorithms and protocols to determine the content of a website before deciding whether access should be granted or denied.

It has two main customer bases:

1. Parents who wish to prevent their children from accessing content they consider
undesirable or inappropriate.

2. Businesses that want to prevent employees from accessing websites that don’t pertain to
their jobs.

Web filters are also commonly used as a prevention tool for malware, as the filters will block access to sites that commonly host malware, such as those related to pornography or gambling. The most advanced filters can even block information that’s sent out over the Internet, to ensure that sensitive data isn’t released.

Here are Some Key Advantages For An Enterprise:

  • Malware Control
  • Protection from Botnets.
  • Reduced Liability.
  • Increased Productivity.
  • Avoid Leakage of Private Information.

Start Protecting your users dangers of indiscriminate surfing on the web. Think about utilizing web filtering in your business.

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