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Today, the Comodo organization announced that for the ninth consecutive month, Comodo has increased its market share leadership position as the number one digital certificate authority in the world.  Comodo took the number one position away from Symantec back in mid-February 2015 and has held it – and grown it – since that time.

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According to new published data by, an independent IT market research firm, Comodo now has 39.1% of the digital certificate market, an all-time high for the company.

These market share gains by Comodo have significantly impacted the number two digital certificate authority Symantec, dropping them to now 29.9% of the digital certificate market – the first time Symantec has ever dropped below 30%.

The market share data “Usage of SSL Certificate Authorities for Websites” focuses on global web technology usage, and monitors certificate authorities of the top 10 million websites to calculate market share.

A summary of the top three market share data leaders this year, according to

Symantec Group Go Daddy Group

Market Shareas of Mar 1as of April 1as of May 1as of June 1as ofJuly 1as of Aug 1as of Sept 1as of Oct 1as of Nov 1
Comodo 34.0%34.7%35.3%35.9%36.4%36.6%36.6%37.1%39.1%

In speaking with this Comodo blog, Comodo CEO Melih Abdulhayoglu made a strong point for why Comodo has continued to see market share gains month after month:

“It comes down to trust.  Consumers and businesses worldwide have spoken loud and clear that they trust Comodo as their number one security provider in the digital certificate space – and that’s why you have seen these significant market share gains by Comodo.  Through organic growth – not by acquiring companies – Comodo is seeing record gains in digital certificate market share and we see more and more organizations coming to Comodo to secure their web sites and endpoints.”

Along with Symantec’s record market share losses, Symantec has reportedly seen some trouble with its digital certificate technology and certification processes lately.

Last month, it was reported that a number of employees of Symantec were fired after it was revealed that fake Google security certificates had been issued – nearly 2500 certificates in all.

Last week, Google issued a sternly worded blog post to Symantec that because of the fake certificates being issued, it risked having Google issue warnings when users visit web sites that use Symantec credentials.   Google’s decision could force Symantec clients to make public, the domain names of internally issued certificates, a security issue that Symantec customers must consider.

Consumers and businesses trust Comodo to protect their internet experiences, and are confident in shopping and making transactions with sites that are protected by Comodo and its digital certificates.