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asg feb 2015Comodo announced today announced that our Cloud-based Anti-spam Gateway (ASG) service filtered its 100 millionth spam email this month with over 645,0000 viruses blocked.

Spam costs time and time is money. Comodo ASG users have more time and money because of this state of the art technology.

ASG uses the MX records in your domain’s DNS records to direct all email to Comodo’s software service (SaaS) first. This action intercepts an organization’s spam and virus-laden email before it reaches the corporate mail server. Messages that are clean, or whose senders are whitelisted, are then passed to the original mail server address and on to the organization’s email users. Messages flagged as spam can also be reviewed by users at any time.

Email is a mission-critical business tool and spam is a productivity killer and may contain offensive material with legal consequences. Antispam Gateway reduces the risk of infection from virus-laden emails by filtering out known malware from email traffic.”

ASG is an advanced email filtering solution designed to free employee inboxes of junk mail. It is cloud-based, providing powerful, no-maintenance mail-filtering while avoiding the traditional hardware and software licensing costs of alternative Antispam Solutions. It has a centralized, web based management console that makes it easy to:

  • set up
  • add users and domains
  • add user-groups and permissions
  • configure mail blacklists and whitelists
  • manage quarantined emails.

ASG also provides each employee with a login that allows them to view and manage their quarantined emails. Because ASG will quarantine messages that were scanned positive for virus attachments it is, in effect, a blacklist-based anti-malware gateway as well.

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Live statistics are available of the Antispam website found here: