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You work in IT services, so you are well aware that the demand for security, especially among small- and mid-sized businesses, is rising in correlation with the number and complexity of cyber attacks. This growing fear of malware and other nasty attacks could actually be a golden opportunity. But as an MSP, adding security to your managed services means adding an extra “S” in your acronym – MSSP, or Managed Security Service Provider. Whatever your motive may be for holding back, read on and you’ll find plenty of compelling reasons—including tips for choosing the right tools—to expand your portfolio, provide better service to your customers, and boost your revenue.

Comodo MSP

IT organizations are facing more and more pressure to maximize value while, at the same time, they’re tasked with protecting and defending their companies’ core assets. Intellectual property and confidential customer records are always at risk, and addressing those, while passing compliance audits, is too much for small- and medium-sized businesses to manage. Cleary, hiring internal security staff isn’t enough. The complexity of modern security requires more than just filtering spam emails and downloading some antivirus software. More resources are necessary to ensure security.

So, who does an owner of a small or mid-sized business call for their security needs?

Why not you? Do you want to grow your business, add new customers, and reap the benefits of higher monthly revenue? One way is to grow your client base with services that command a higher rate, but more and more, MSP’s are beginning to offer security services as lucrative MSSPs.

Here’s where the right selection of services to add into your Big Bang offering separates you from the mediocre, the so-called linchpin of your metamorphosis from MSP to MSSP: You need a robust, cloud-based Security Information and Event Management product. And you need one that provides a holistic, 360-degree view of your customers’ security through event log management.

This is called SIEM technology and it is vital in detecting threats and addressing compliance needs. Your customers are desperately seeking your security expertise, and the right SIEM technology will allow you to deliver while you earn a significantly higher billable rate. Sounds too good to be true, but more and more small and medium sized IT organizations are turning to MSSPs to lessen their reliance on costly investments in security management and monitoring equipment.

So, what do small and medium-sized businesses need?  First, they need their security event data analyzed to manage internal and external threats, and they need this in real-time. They also need to collect, store, and report log data for incident response, forensics, and regulatory compliance.

The Comodo NxSIEM Cloud platform enables you to offer two very critical benefits:  First, it allows you to provide real-time threat management with the ability to report on user activity and data access. Second, through log management, the NxSIEM Cloud platform lets your customers cut the cost and labor associated with compliance requirements.

When logs are generated and used correctly, the data therein arms you with a panoramic view of your customer’s environment, identifies which of their assets are secure, and, more importantly, which ones need attention. The data serves as solid evidence, it establishes a context around threats, and it also helps prioritize risks and vulnerabilities.

Yes, security risks are increasing, which presents a dire challenge for all of us. In that challenge, though, aren’t you hearing the call? It’s your opportunity. Will you answer?

Key Takeaways:

  • SIEM technology is vital in detecting threats and addressing compliance needs.
  • Comodo’s NxSIEM Cloud platform provides real-time threat management
  • Small and medium sized IT organizations are turning to MSSPs to lessen their reliance on costly investments in security management and monitoring equipment.
  • There is a huge opportunity for MSPs to increase their billable rates and recurring revenue with SIEM technology

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