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If you happen not to have been a frequent reader of the Blog contributions I’ve published within the Social Media section of Comodo’s Web site (and picked up on Comodo’s Facebook page), here’s your chance to catch up. – Selectively.

At the start of each month, I provide one Blog that simply offers readers the opportunity to pick-and-click-through to your choice of any of the Blogs you’ve missed from last month.

And this is it!

Below, you’ll find all of February’s Blog titles, accompanied by a sentence or two of synopsis.

Just journey back in time and pick-and-click-thru. Then read and reap.

February 28th

Outshining Chrome. The Comodo Dragon Internet Browser.

Find out about the investigative reports that have revealed that Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Opera and even Chrome don’t adequately protect you from viruses, worms, Trojans and scamming Internet thugs. Then find out about the report that says Comodo Dragon does.

February 23rd

What do YOU do when PC frustration strikes? A) Fix the problem because you’re tech-savvy. B) Spend 3 hours trying because you’re not. C) Call a tech-savvy buddy and plead for help. D) Lug your PC to repair, then pay a huge bill. E) Read what follows.

Now the solution for millions of average PC users who aren’t tech-savvy savants isn’t B, C or D. It’s the most understanding, patient, easy to use, highly trained, 24/7/365, online, remote, PC problem solving service available today. GeekBuddy.

February 16th

Unshackling Small Business with Comodo’s Revolutionary Pricing.

Comodo announces that it will now offer businesses with 250 or fewer computers Endpoint Security Manager for as little as 80¢ per PC. Why? Because we’re dedicated to helping small businesses succeed, especially in Recessionary times.

Febuary 15th

Why hearing someone say, “I broke my computer.” breaks my heart.

Why is America’s obsession with tossing out “broken computers” catastrophic? Because all most chronically crashing, creeping or corrupting PCs are in need of is good Internet Security software and online support. Not the Town Dump! Find out why.

February 8th

Ending Android Anxiety.

Read about how Comodo R&D has developed Mobile Security Software that stops all the viruses and scam artists plaguing Google Android users.

February 3rd

Verisign is the fourth big name this year to admit it’s experienced security breaches. Is this embarrassing? No, it’s much worse!

News Flash! Within a matter of months, Verisign, Symantec, Norton and McAfee have all had to confess that their own Internet security systems have been breached! Leaving Internet Security shoppers wondering if their software is worth buying.

February 1st

Have you heard? The Internet is a series of tubes!

Find out how Comodo has stepped in to protect you on the Web, while the government has not.