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Android, as Google’s multi-media ad campaign makes clear, is the operating system that powers millions of phones, tablets, and other devices.

But long before Google chose to anoint its product line with this name, you could have found the word “android” in your dictionary. Its meaning? A robot that approximates a human in form and speech. — Which instantly brings to mind such popular past androids as C-3PO, The Terminator, Blade Runner’s Replicants and even Maria the futuristic robot from the 1927 silent classic, Metropolis. Hmmm. All of whom, come to think of it, had one curious thing in common….They gave us humans problems!

And so it is with Google’s Android.

According to a February 3rd posting on the Resources for Entrepreneurs page of a prominent business technology Web site, Gaebler reported that Google has just “pulled dozens of malicious apps from the Android market, reinforcing the industry belief that Android continues to be the top target for malware creators and mobile fraudsters.” Gaebler then advised businesses that “effective Mobile Security should be part of a large and more comprehensive effort to ensure the integrity of the organization’s IT assets.”

Even Don Croft of Mission Critical Wireless, a leading global enterprise mobility management service provider chimed in by adding that many organizations make the mistake of deploying mobile devices without first having established security requirements for them.

Gaebler concluded with this dire assessment, “the mobile marketplace is quickly becoming the Wild West of cyber-security.”

Well, Wild West doomsdayers, Comodo is here to tell you that you can stop your frettin’ and cancel plans to circle the wagons. Instead, we cordially invite every business and individual using Android Smart Phones or Tablets to simply go to There you’ll find what Comodo is known for: A Solution.

You see, we’re not only a leader in the arena of Website Security Software for PCs. We’re also a leader in Mobile Security. In fact Comodo R&D has already developed free downloadable software specifically to protect Android devices from viruses, worms, Trojans and other malware, as well as unsafe apps and potentially risky settings. Even while we help protect your privacy and keep your system optimized. How? Comodo Mobile Security Software periodically scans devices. Then destroys files not found on Comodo’s White List. You can filter out annoying calls or text messages too. Our Mobile Security Software even lets you watch each process as it runs, giving you total control and the ability to close down functions you find unnecessary.

If you, or members of your company, have experienced Android Internet Security lapses (or if you suspect you will, one day soon) I urge you to learn more about Comodo Mobile Security now.

After all, when The Terminator said, “I’ll be back.” He wasn’t kidding!

And neither is the malware plaguing Google’s Android devices!

Comodo. Science Not Hype.

– Glenn Scheuer

To learn more, simply visit

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