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When is building walls and boundaries a good thing? When sensitive corporate financial and internal data is at risk, of course, but perhaps even more relevant, when customer data is threatened.

Comodo Dome Cloud Secure Web Platform

With the 25th annual RSA Conference upon us, focused in part on internet security, it is highly appropriate that Comodo, the number one certificate authority brand in the world, is announcing its latest innovation…a new cloud delivered Secure Web Platform, Comodo Dome.
While boundary protection is nothing new, Comodo’s version is one of the most advanced, up to date, because it enables security like no other product out there.

Considering the massive increase in crippling cyberattacks, why would any company trust sensitive data to any platform that is less than reliable? Maybe because the solution to the problem hasn’t been available…until now. It is not by accident that Comodo’s signature tag-line is #MalwareProblemSolved.

Precise and directly targeted attacks are commonplace now, and consumer and business confidence in data security is threatened. Considering the highly visible breaches affecting retail outlets as well as hospitals and government entities, doesn’t it make sense to ensure confidence in your organization by providing a reliable and proven solution?

“With Comodo Dome, companies can use the platform by itself or layer it with their existing security gateways as an additional and highly critical piece of security, which prevents patient zero infections and unknown file types from being executed on internal networks and devices – solving the malware problem,” said John Peterson, Vice President of Enterprise Products at Comodo.

Comodo Dome allows system administrators and IT directors to simply layer in just the modules they need across their networks as they grow. These modules include advanced threat protection (ATP), Web security, portable containment, sand-boxing, antispam, data loss prevention (DLP), next-generation firewall, bandwidth management and a secure VPN service.

Additionally, each individual module can be added in minutes to provide total security and compliance to corporate policies, regardless of the end user, device or location.

At RSA 2016, Comodo will be showcasing Comodo Dome in the South Hall, Booth 1127.

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