From The Comodo Think Tank: What do MSPs need to tell business owners to help them make the right IT SERVICES choices

September 29, 2015 | By Comodo
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In a new thought leadership article in Business Solutions Magazine, Comodo Product Manager Ilker Simsir outlines how the services industry has morphed from the reactive break-fix model to the proactive managed services provider approach.


Why is full managed services a better option? Why is in-house IT not the solution for all? How can a company budget their IT better through an MSP model? How can IT security be improved by adopting an MSP platform? These questions are asked and answered in the article.

In turn, MSPs can ask themselves questions to ensure they have the right technology solutions in place to meet the needs their customers and prospects. As an MSP, do you have a remote management and monitoring solution, so you automate routine tasks? Do you have service desk capabilities to provide professional service automation to manage customer service requests, service level agreements and ticket priorities?  Do you have patch management capabilities to maintain up to date knowledge of all available patches from operating systems to third party software?

Read the new thought leadership byline by Comodo here:

And be sure to check out for great information on the free Comodo ONE platform – a tool designed by MSPs for MSPs.

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