The World Will Be Talking Security at RSA 2016 This Week – And Comodo Will Be Leading The Conversation

February 29, 2016 | By Comodo
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This week, the best and brightest from the growing security industry landscape will gather in San Francisco for the annual RSA Conference. Maybe now more than ever in the 20+ year history of the event, it is intensely relevant to what is happening both in the corporate world and in society as a whole. The issue of security has never been hotter.

endpoint security

Comodo will be there in full force [South Hall, #1127] demonstrating our newest technologies and solutions related to advanced endpoint protection, secure web platforms, breach and threat detection and holistic IT platform management.

Phishing, malware, ransomware, spam are all now common terms, language known by not only those in the technology industry but also the public at large.

Almost daily news reports of a new form of malware or a new cyberattack on a large public organization surface. Comodo has solved the malware problem.

Not just alleviated the fallout from major and minor cyber invasions, but eliminated the problem entirely.

Our kids are on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and a host of other social platforms. Just recently, Facebook users were targeted in a phishing campaign [identified by Comodo Threat Research Labs] telling users hey missed an audio message (which would result in sending malware to the person’s computer if they clicked on it)

It is time for businesses, small and large, to protect their endpoints and networks with the most advanced suite of security solutions today.

No other company besides Comodo can deliver on advanced endpoint protection, secure web platform, breach and threat detection, and tie them all together with a mature IT management platform.

Add on top of that the industry leadership in digital certificates.

Some companies can do one of these. Even a smaller group can deliver on two of these. But all three?

RSA kicks off this week – come see why Comodo is changing the game and can say “Malware Problem Solved.”

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