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Financial services organization, banks, retail outlets and now hospitals and medical centers.  No industry seems to be safe from the rising frequency of ransomware attacks today.  The latest in a string of successful hacks of large, highly-visible companies is further proof of the vulnerability of corporate America. In the most recent case,   a hospital is now in a state of emergency because it cannot access patient files, and information such as CT scans and pharmacy data – all being held hostage. Internal communication has been compromised.


The hackers are reportedly demanding payment in the millions of dollars, according to reports.

We spoke with John Peterson, Comodo’s Vice President of Enterprise Products and Product Marketing about this upward trend of ransomware attacks.

“Ransomware is exactly the scenario Comodo is designed to prevent, because Comodo has solved the malware problem, and in a very non-invasive way,” said Peterson.

Comodo’s containment model allows unknowns to run in a protected environment until they are determined to be good, at which time they are released, or determined to be malware, in which case they are removed completely from the system.

“But unlike other sandbox approaches,” Peterson continued, “Comodo’s platform is not taxing to your system’s resources, and does not slow down other operations.”

Given the publicity and success of this latest example of ransomware, it seems safe to assume there will continue to be more and more of these attempts. How many companies are prepared to withstand an assault with such system-wide consequences?

Under Comodo’s protection, there is trust and security, as well as IT management. Confronted with a similar scenario, the resolution would be swift and painless. Think of it this way….the malware is so quickly verdicted – most of the time in under a minute – that it is virtually gone before it got there.

Imagine, without Comodo Virus protection, the disruption to everyday operating protocol that would occur during a similar ransomware invasion. The possibilities are alarming, with possible loss of all internal communications, including email, as well as external fallout. Customer data, sensitive and otherwise, is at risk. And therefore, erosion of consumer confidence is almost guaranteed. Not only is an organization faced with repairing valuable relationships during the resolution of the problem, the organization’s communication infrastructure is undermined, making damage control even more challenging.

How many businesses, large or small, can afford to have a system interrupt of this magnitude, with no clear end in sight?

If you feel your company’s IT environment is might be subject to attack from phishing, malware, spyware, ransomware or cyberattacks, contact the security consultants here at Comodo at : .

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