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Comodo Internet securityThe controversy and privacy concerns over collecting big data still surrounds the national security agencies. While the NSA is a government project, a new report indicate that such robust tools are also being sold to multiple private companies. It sounds surprising and scary for users who are already unsure of what should be done. Every popular service, be it e-mail or social networking may be sending anonymous data to various agencies. At the same time, if such tools in the hands of private companies can also harm privacy rights and pose a serious threat to Internet security. Any individual firm or organization will be able to tap into millions of users around the globe. Using the tool, they will have the access required to monitor, survey and even spread malware on a global basis, if they choose to.

Such powerful tools are not intended to be in the hands of private parties. The public already opines that even government shouldn’t be using such to survey the world wide web, which is a huge network spread across the globe. With millions of countries relying on services provided by US based companies, it’s much easier to monitor the world. Multiple companies have already revealed that they don’t support this and will be moving their servers as well as use encryption solutions to stop data monitoring. At this time, the sale of such tools is a scary revelation for people who are already much concerned about Internet security. The sale doesn’t end with this surveillance tool but also include trojans which has the capability to turn on webcams automatically to spy on people or monitor their activities. They can even take pictures and send them remotely.

When such software programs are developed, they are already in danger because once the wrong people gain hold of them, everything will be threaten. Creating a safer web with assured Internet security is what users expect so as to avoid a global fiasco, if things doesn’t go as planned. Information snooping is just the beginning because it will lead to wide spread malware, trojans, blocked websites and country based internet which will weaken the primary idea of a connected world. The responsibility of keeping such tools safe relies with the government and prominent action is expected to be initiated at the earliest.

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