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Today, Comodo announced availability of its next version of its free Comodo IT management platform, Comodo One MSP version 3.1.

Comodo One MSP (formerly known as Comodo ONE) is a version of the Comodo One integrated IT management platform that has been specifically enhanced for MSPs by combining Remote Monitoring and Management, Service Desk, and Patch Management and other IT and security tools into a single, easy to use console that is available as a free download for all qualified managed service providers. Because there is no license fee, MSPs are able to help reduce their operating costs and can redirect operating costs into new hires, building out their business, marketing, or simply pass along cost savings to their customers.

Comodo updates

New features and upgrades to Comodo One MSP version 3.1 include:

  • Improved reporting, including the introduction of health reports, where MSPs can access and pull the records of jobs completed, per customer.
  • Reports can also be scheduled and emailed directly to the MSP’s customers.
  • A customized portal for both the MSP and Enterprise vertical, for better targeting and focus on workflows.
  • An improved log-in process for System Administrators, who can now use their Comodo license accounts for all Comodo One MSP products.
  • The integration of Comodo Quote Manager with Comodo Service Desk, which will allow MSPs to pass all relevant data of tickets in the sales queue to the quote manager with a simple click.
  • Cloud and local back-up capability.
  • Internal network monitoring with SIEM and Comodo Watch (cWatch).

All existing Comodo ONE registrants have been automatically upgraded to the new Comodo One MSP solution. So what are MSPs saying about Comodo One MSP?

An MSP in the U.K., 76BITS ( is always looking at technology solutions and managed services it can implement that will help bring added value and service to customers, while keeping costs in line. 76BITS signed up for the free Comodo One MSP platform last year and immediately started deploying the Comodo RMM tool and onboarding select customers as a means to further improve its customer service offering.

“We are currently taking full advantage of the remote management and monitoring module of Comodo One MSP, which enables us to monitor our customers and service them faster. By having access to a proven, free service management tool like Comodo One MSP, we can grow our business by automating tasks without sacrificing service or performance,” said Mikael Berglund, CEO of 76BITS

Convey2Web ( was looking at purchasing its first Remote Management and Monitoring solution, as a means to improve business process and bring added value to its clients. The company has a small workforce, yet manages the IT and Web needs of multiple clients across the state of Delaware. Convey2Web, LLC signed up for the free Comodo One MSP platform and is now starting to see easier IT management for its customers, which enables the company to sell in other products, and focus on additional priorities and customers.

“Because this platform was built by MSPs for MSPs, Comodo One MSP is giving us better utilization of our internal resources, freeing up time to focus on additional customer challenges and solve them quickly -and, we’re saving money because it is all free. We can now move our break fix customers to a managed services model that will generate new revenue streams for us. We look forward to a very long relationship with Comodo and helping them to continue to make Comodo One MSP a success for all,” said Robert Morton, President of Convey2Web.

Comodo One MSP also includes an app store that MSPs can customize to include other Comodo solutions as well as third party apps, for additional services and offerings that can be managed from the Comodo One platform. In late 2015, Acronis, a global leader in new generation data protection, became the first third party application to be available via the app store as part of the Comodo One MSP solution.

John Zanni, Chief Marketing Officer at Acronis said “Acronis delivers hybrid cloud data protection solutions that are designed to easily plug-in to the broadest range of service provider environments, management consoles and customer interfaces, as well as vendor app stores and cloud marketplaces. We’re honored to work with Comodo to support this vision by making our best-in-class Acronis Backup Cloud an easy-to-add, easy-to-sell app available on the Comodo One MSP platform.”

MSPs can register for a free 1:1 webinar with Comodo to learn how to take maximum advantage of Comodo One MSP at

Email or click on for more information on Comodo One MSP.

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