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User Authentication
How does a system know you are really you?
How to answer that question is becoming an increasingly urgent problem.

Hacking is on the rise and the majority of security experts blame the reliance on passwords for authentication. The problem lies with user passwords because if too complex, they are difficult to remember. On the other hand, if a password is too simple, hackers can easily gain access to your account. This is a universal problem faced by internet users around the globe and the only solution is to move ahead of technology. But the future suggests something somewhat insane – a tattoo on your arm used as your access key or a pill, which if swallowed, will show a password on the wall of your stomach! While this doesn’t sound totally believable, prototypes of this pill currently exist. The pill, powered by the stomach acid, will generate the necessary volt to display your password. It may also be used to simply transmit a single password once inside your body, allowing the nearest laptop or desktop to recognize it.

People are in the habit of using the same password for a dozen services because most of us can’t remember twelve different password combinations. In a recent survey, it was revealed that nearly 10% of internet users were using sequential alphabets or numerals as their passwords. Security firms are working to provide improved internet security solutions so that corporations and online merchants can assure safety for their valuable customers. The phase is still evolving and it will continue to come up with new ideas until an actual result comes out to help users stay secure from cyber attacks . With private data increasingly becoming a digital property, it is mandatory to find a better answer to safeguard privacy. Until then, if you’re not into swallowing a pill every day to avoid the need to remember your password, go the simple route and use Two Factor Authentication which sends a secret code to your mobile phone and is considered a formidable way to make sure no third party can try to open your account from across the globe. Enterprises that need the highest level of security should try Comodo’s Two Factor Authentication.

When our online security is threatened to insane extents, it’s no wonder why people start moving towards such bizarre ideas. Passwords are always transmitted in encrypted format, yet hacking bank accounts are common and billions of dollars are lost to malware developers every year. The majority of the population will consider this idea to be unrealistic but a fingerprint scanner which used to be a myth is now a reality on every iPhone. It may even be added to the upcoming iPad tablets as well. This goes to show the future is closer to every home.

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