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Patch Management

The tried-and-tested practice in the IT service industry is keeping your systems updated – no matter what. It is important to have a patch management system specialized for your whole company and for your specific IT functions.

Patch Management Definition

Upgrades for software applications and systems that you have on your computers and network devices are called patches. When you have an ongoing plan for managing patches that can help your business or organization to deal with changes efficiently it is called Patch Management.

Reasons Why You Need Patch Management

 1. Reporting

If you want to track the updates on your security posture and systems anytime, a good patch management applications can issue an detailed reporting for you.

2. Compliance

A good patch management solution can ensure all of your systems are updated; and simplify your compliance to any internal policies or external requirements such as PCI.

3. Third Party Application Patching

Deploying patches for the third party applications among their systems is a major challenge to IT companies. Third party apps can be managed by patch management applications just like other systems.

4. Supportability

There are a couple of companies with networks that are no longer in a supportable condition if they fail to update their patching and service packs. Getting a good patch management solution guarantees that won’t happen.

5. Vulnerability Scanning and Correction

Keeping up with security updates is one of the essential reasons to have patch management. Administrators who use patch management applications can scan and report vulnerabilities, giving them the ability to test patches and exert updates immediately.

Problems of not Having Patch Management

There are no perfect infrastructure and information systems – especially when they are newly released in the market. The number of vulnerabilities discovered over a long time can seriously damage the coherence and security of information, and with proper patch management, you can prevent these problems.

A solid patch management system means the network is persistently monitored, and if a patch for a vulnerability is released, it gets quickly deployed, preventing any problems.

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