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Endpoint Protection

A new research note profiling the unique auto-containment + Cloud analysis approach to endpoint protection in Advanced Endpoint Protection was just released by London-based research firm Ovum Ltd.

Part of Informa, Ovum researches the IT security and related TMT (Technology, Telecoms & Media) industries, including emerging technologies and vendors for endpoint security and other breach and infrastructure infection defenses.

Within cybersecurity, the challenge of protecting endpoints from malware infections has been unmet for customers of leading legacy vendors like Trend Micro™, Sophos, Symantec, etc., because the solution in practice prevents 99% of malware. Still better than leading solutions just a few years ago, anything less than a 100% prevention solution means that some new malware is allowed to enter the endpoint and ultimately infect machines and devices in the corporation’s infrastructure. Even when these legacy products have a security posture setting which denies entry to potentially dangerous new files, that 100% prevention setting isn’t used because of how many new “good” files are blocked along with the new, as yet unidentified new malware files.

This leaves most organizations with a 99% solution where the 1% results in breaches, data loss, and damaged corporate and individual reputations. The 1% gap is such that it is a matter of when, not if, a costly breach will occur there.

Ovum’s research examines the innovative Comodo Advanced Endpoint solution, which provides the 100% prevention security posture, but without the business disruption. It gives their assessment of the layered approach of anti-virus and other traditional tools being augmented by machine learning-powered artificial intelligence and the use of auto-containment and Cloud-managed multi-level analysis of new unknown files and executables, including a human expert analysis level when all others fail.

“Comodo AEP is a compelling option for any customer’s endpoint protection platform (EPP) project.” writes Rik Turner, Senior Analyst, Infrastructure Solutions at Ovum. He goes on to say, “Its claim of zero malware infections among customer using AEP is interesting, especially considering its containment technology’s minimal impact on productivity.”

Ovum describes these “On the Radar” publications as a series of research notes about vendors bringing innovative ideas, products, or business models to their markets.

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Endpoint Protection

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