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Email spam is a matter of grave concern to any organization as it can hinder the growth, profitability and IT security. Mostly, spam emails slow-down the productivity of employees by forcing them to clear the unwanted emails.

Besides that, the spam emails bring the network performance to a grinding halt without a hint. It also harms the bandwidth and affects the organizational performance by consuming IT resources. Cybercriminals make use of the spam emails as a means to infiltrate and steal valuable data and thus it poses the risk of toppling a business from the market forever.

In order to stay safe, get a comprehensive email spam checker that can save your business a lot of bucks, time and problems.

How does email spam checker work?

Email spam is a nuisance and it is used by the online fraudsters to infect viruses and malicious codes. In the recent times, email spam is one of the serious issues faced by most of the businesses and individuals.

Email Spam Checker

According to a report, 269 billion emails are sent per day and 49.7% of it is spam, this numbers would give a clear picture why you need a good email spam filter or a spam email checker in place. Besides, an email spam solution deployed on an email system works using a specified set of protocols to define which of the incoming messages are spam and which are not. Find below different types of spam filters available today:

Content Filters – it analyzes the content within a message to decide whether it is spam or not

Header Filters – analyzes the email header for misleading information

General Blacklist Filters – all emails from known spammers are stopped

Rules-Based Filters – IT administrators/users can define their own criteria to block spam

Permission Filters – Recipient’s pre-approval is required to send a message

Challenge-Response Filters – a code is entered to send an email which in turn grants the permission

Protect your Business Using Comodo Dome Anti-spam

Generally, computer users find it very difficult to handle spams as the volume that a user receives in a day is very high. Spam emails are really bad for many reasons and the reason that tops the list is that they are a hindrance to productivity. Comodo Dome Antispam offers a wide variety of capabilities to the user to stop undesired emails from invading a network in the first place. It is available in three versions: hosted, on-premises, and multi-tenant.

Key Capabilities of Comodo Dome Antispam

Protection and Usability: Simply open, execute and use email attachments as needed without the risk of infection from malicious files.

Granular Control: Centralised management of user and group-based email policies improves security.

Flexible Deployment: Single-tenant, Hosted or on-premises, and multi-tenant hosted.

Key Features Of Comodo Dome Antispam

Intelligent Filtering

It recognizes crafty subject lines and text in the email messages. So, it blocks specific email addresses that send in spam messages.

Quarantining Spam

Automatically quarantines the spam emails. Thereby, the inbox is spam free all the time. The spam emails are kept separately for a particular number of days before they are dumped.

Automatic Filter Updates

The automatic filter update feature provides efficient detection for new types of Malware threats. The anti-spam software stays up-to-date to evade new email dangers.

Monitoring Multiple Accounts

Monitor and filter spam from multiple accounts. Simply filter the home email from work email, and vice versa.


Manage a ‘friendly’ list of people whose emails can be received. It can be updated in the future too.

Reporting Spam

This feature enables the user to report the spam back to the company supplying the program.


The signature-based solution that use blacklist file to identify and react to the new type of Malware. Comodo’s patented containment technology blocks threats or harmful files from attacking the files through its signature-based anti-spam software.

If you are in search of a good anti-spam solution or email spam checker, Comodo Dome Anti-spam is your best bet!

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