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Ever since the advent of the internet, information security has become a serious matter of concern for many, especially, when people communicate and transfer a lot of information data online from one side of the world to the other. Particularly, when customers key in their banking details such as credit card/debit card numbers or net banking credentials to shop online, they are in need of unbreachable security that can rest assure them that their data will remain intact online.

But, in the last few years, SSL certificate had emerged as one of the secure ways and EV SSL certificate is widely accepted in the eCommerce business. Subsequently, eCommerce websites largely use EV SSL for their customers’ information security. In this article, we discuss the threats faced by users from spam emails and online surfing.

The Vicious Spam Emails

On a daily basis, we receive hundreds of emails from numerous senders. Besides our known list of contacts, there is an unknown list of senders who might send infected emails to us. Email giants like Yahoo mail and Gmail have their own filter mechanisms in place to eliminate any such infiltration attempts. Usually, hackers and spammers send spam emails with malicious links that lead users to the unknown sites, asking for login credentials.

Spoofing Emails

Email address faking has been around for a while now. The spammer uses the “From” address to send emails. However, they do not have any access to the email account. Unfortunately, the situation is a lockdown for a user as there is no other way out. The user has to wait for the online fraudster to stop the spoofing activities.

In order to confirm spoofing, the victim needs to get the email copy with headers and verify the IP address. With these details in hand, the victim can share the IP address with the ISP and request them to block it.

Hijacking Emails

Sadly, spoofing emails is better than Hijacking Emails!

As the name suggests, the criminal takes control of the features in your email account. In other words, you are locked out from your account. The spammer uses your account to send out spam emails to your friends, family or colleagues.

The best part about Hijacking Emails is that you can reset your password immediately and save yourself from the attack. In some cases, the mail service wouldn’t permit to change the password, and that’s big trouble because it’s going to take some time before you to fix the issue. This also means that the criminal had reset your password before you could try it and has taken over full control of your account.

Top 7 Preventive Measures To Be Exercised

  1. First and foremost thing to do is to have your computer OS up-to-date. Always have the automatic update button enabled so that you don’t miss an update whenever it is out.
  2. Always scan your computer using an effective antivirus software to make sure it is safe and sound for use. You could try downloading free Comodo Antivirus program to stay protected, it is 100% capable of identifying such malicious programs.
  3. Whatever be the situation, never miss the chance to change the passwords at regular intervals. Avoid easily crackable ones and let it be strong with alpha-numeric and special characters. And also, have different passwords for different accounts.
  4. Use a secure connection to log in to your emails and website accounts. It is more supportive of the safety cause and also ensures secure operations.
  5. Never write down your credentials or save them on your computer.
  6. When you are sure of the attack make it a point to change all the passwords for the email and website accounts (asap) to steer clear of risks.
  7. In case you are unable to reset the password quickly get in touch with the contact support of the concerned websites. This will help you to get your account ownership back.

Overall Thoughts

Spam emails can terrorize the peace in you if not handled properly. At times, it can lead to huge embarrassment. To stay away from such nuisance make use of the above-mentioned tips effectively.

Comodo provides the industry’s best secure internet gateway in the cloud to curb down the entry of malware through spam emails. For more details visit our official page and we will be happy to guide you through.

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