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The Best Spam Filtering Service

Naturally, website owners and system administrators ponder on many factors that make a spam filter exceptional choice for their use. Obviously, an incredible detection rate would top the list, accompanied by ease of use – without these qualities zeroing the spam can be unmanageable. Besides these two factors such as greylisting and outbound scanning to detect spam, eventually, the cost of the service may also matter to many. Whatever be the motive for implementing the spam filtering service (safety measure or after a negative experience), detecting spam emails and email-borne threats is the ultimate goal.

spam email filtering service

The Essential Features of Email Filtering Solutions

There has always been a lag in providing an effective solution for spam threats. Besides that, the degree of protection against spam emails and malware has always remained a matter of debate. There lies a definite need to defeat the sophistication of spammers. The best spam filter for enterprises should showcase the unique top-level of spam and virus detection techniques and technologies. And so, find below a few essential features of email filtering solutions that organizations should take into consideration:

  • Know how the quarantine, deletion or tagging are applied on an unknown email
  • Be sure about the false positives (the number of good emails that get filtered)
  • Know in detail about the reporting structure as you need to rightly recognize your false positives and whitelist senders
  • Check for your anti-virus software quality rating (like AV-Test Labs) because that will give you a clear picture of the protection that your business will get
  • Check on the mail continuity service in the event of downtime or server outage

The Ultimate Spam Filtering Service – COMODO DOME ANTISPAM

The Comodo Dome Anti-spam is an enterprise anti-spam and threat prevention system. In order to stop spam emails from arriving into your network, it makes use of the advanced antivirus scanners, content analysis engines, and spam filters.

#Easy to Use

The per-user and per-group mail management can be achieved by the unified management console. In an organization, the system administrator would need to meet the security needs based on different aspects and levels such as from customer service or marketing departments.

The Comodo Dome Anti-spam enables the administrator to determine the various type of profiles with numerous security features and restrictions.

#Advanced Protection

All the latest forms of zero-day malware and ransomware are easily protected and moved into containment. The Valkyrie file verdict system analyzes unknown files. However, the employees are free to open, execute and use the attachments as the robust technology ensures that risks are fully contained before reaching the endpoints.

#Flexible Usage

Archive all the emails and access whenever you need it. The instantaneous search allows you to find essential emails easily and quickly.

#Stable Filtering

The unsolicited emails are blocked/filtered before it reaches an enterprise network but the emails that you need land in your inbox hassle-free.

#Effective System

The Comodo Dome Anti-spam is an effective system which restores productivity to users by detecting and deleting spam.

We offer enterprises a free 30 day trial period of our spam filtering service – COMODO DOME ANTISPAM and this will help you decide on the effectiveness of our anti-spam filter in your own environment. For more details visit our official page!

Dome Antispam

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