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Email Protection or Email Security refers to the methodologies implied to safeguard the content and access to email service or individual accounts. In other words, Email Protection enables a business or organization to control and manage the overall access to one or more email addresses/accounts. Every email service provider has an email protection mechanism in place to ensure subscriber email accounts and data are safe from online fraudsters – at rest and in transit.

Email Protection employs numerous techniques to safeguard email service from hackers. Be it an individual account, service or end-user standpoint, effective email security measures cover strong passwords, password rotations, and spam filters.

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Features and Benefits of Email Protection

Advanced Protection
Take control of routing email to users by setting up robust policies. Email Protection enables you to set up robust policies whereby you can create your own specific firewall rules based on your needs. Gather data and maintain an extensive pack of search tools to ensure your organization’s email is protected.

Email Impostor Threat
It is hard to identify email impostor threats. The latest defense mechanism will allow you to run checks on the impostor threats to more effectively detect and block email fraud.

Uninterrupted Email Service
An uninterrupted email service nurtures the organization growth by ensuring continuity. A downtime brings down productivity and hits badly on the performance part. Enterprise Continuity takes care of such issues and provides full access to users through Outlook integration, a web portal or native mobile support.

Internal Mail Defense
Today, a lot of organizations are moving to the Cloud which poses the threat of compromising more and more accounts. The Internal Mail Defense fetaure scans all the internal email traffic and offers the multilayered approach. The internal defense easily takes care of spam, malware or phishing attacks and keeps them at bay.

Email Protection Software Protects Your Corporate Email

Email Protection Suite offers superior email protection and lessens the burden on internal resources. People can stay rest assured of the email safety in an organization. Here are some of the key features that the email protection services pack: The reputation filter aids in rating the domain in no minute and it is a dynamic solution. The Spam Filter analyzes all the messages which cover URL links too. The malware filter feature deflects all the malware attempts using unknown malware. The secure unsubscribe option enables users to unsubscribe from unwanted distribution lists.

Important Email Protection Tips You Should Know About Comodo Dome

The enterprise anti-spam and threat prevention system

Comodo Dome Anti-spam uses an advanced array of anti-virus scanners, content analysis engines, and spam filters to stop undesired emails from ever entering your network.

Easy to Use

The single console handles per-user and per-group mail management. Dome Anti-spam offers you the option of defining several types of profiles with different security features and restrictions.

Innovative Advanced Protections

The Comodo’s Containment technology protects from the latest ransomware, zero-malware and other high-level threats. New and Unknown files are analyzed by the Valkyrie file verdict system. All users are free to open, execute and use the attachments with ZERO risks of infection.

Flexible Usage

Important information can be accessed instantaneously using exhaustive archiving and instant search. Stay rest assured, there is no fear of losing any emails, simply access any emails in the Dome Anti-spam archive, which uses advanced search options.

Stable Filtering

Simply restore the bandwidth using Stable Filtering that was lost due to unsolicited email traffic. This will also reduce the load on your email server.

Dome Antispam

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